November 19, 2017

Babies are easy to Love.

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I have come to really like the word, “disciple.” It comes from the Latin word for follower, student, learner. I notice how closely the word disciple resembles the word, “discipline.” Discipline can mean, “to punish,” but it can also mean teaching.

I’ve come to learn that a disciple understands the value of discipline in the form of being able to stay focused on Love and the objective of spiritual awakening.

The ego has it’s own disciplines that keep people conformed to trying to appease an insatiable need. That surely is a punishment.

What interests me is to be watchful for the opportunities to extend Love and to heed the call to Love and be loving. The ego is a trickster and will often instruct us to withdraw or withhold Love.

The ego determines who is worthy and who is unworthy of Love, and yet, the ego knows nothing of Love. Following the ego’s commands about Love surely leads to discipline that is a punishment. It is a block to Love.

As we’re approaching the holiday times, let us realize that the time to extend Love is always now. The time to withhold Love is never.

Because we’re one with all, when we withhold Love we are truly only cutting off ourselves from the flow of all that is good, and healing and helping us to remember our true identity. If we withhold Love from someone we withhold it from ourselves – there’s no way to punish someone and not be punished ourselves.

In my lifetime, I’ve experienced the great suffering coming from following the ego and disciplining myself to be fearful and watchful of others – placing my trust in the ego rather than Love. It’s taken great willingness and a Divine Discipline to become a disciple of Love’s way. In this Divine Discipline, I have found Peace.

Love is our way. It is our natural way. Love is what we are. Let’s embrace what we are and realize that if it’s true for us, it’s true for everyone. This is where our understanding of our worth comes from. It comes from our willingness to Love without grasping, needing, or wanting.

Through our Divine Discipline of Love without conditions, we are healed. Love is our healer, and in our family, we can take the lead through forgiveness. Forgiveness is the release of the blocks to Love. Where there’s more Love flowing, there’s a healing happening.

Let’s claim our healing and share it with everyone! Every act of Love and kindness is a healing balm for all. We change the world with our choice to forgive and open up the floodgates of Love.

All boats rise on the tide of Love.

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