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November 16, 2017

Let’s hold a vision of healing for all!

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The Lion King has that wonderful teaching about the circle of life.  There is definitely a circular nature to giving and receiving.  I used to feel strings were attached to everything someone gave me, and that feeling of owing wasn’t something I liked, so I decided not to receive much.  I began to close off from receiving and limit the flow of good.  I became a poor receiver.

It took me a long time to learn that everything I receive, I receive from Spirit.
Everything I give, I give to Spirit – and that’s the circle of life that makes sense to me.

One relationship that God is having with itself by means of us.
If we are good and gracious givers and receivers then we’re in the flow of Love, and all of our needs are met by Spirit.

When we start to try to control and manipulate the flow, lack and limitation are close behind.

One of my favorite practices of being in the flow of Love is * giving in a myriad of ways.  And that’s why we have a steady stream of free offerings at Power of Love Ministry.  We give and give and give, because I feel Spirit gives me so much that I am inspired to give continuously, too.
It’s been just about nine days since we embarked on our first-ever fundraising campaign to Help Shine the Light. We have some beautiful and generous folks who are inspired by our mission and vision and they’ve promised to match ALL contributions up to $25,000. if we can raise the money now.  The operative word is “now.”
We only have until December 4 to raise $25,000 in order to receive the $25,000 matching.  Please help us to reach our goal!.
December 4 may seem like a long way off, but it’s only 23 days.  It’s a busy time of year.  Thanksgiving is next week!  My birthday is the week after that! And then we’re at December 4.

We’re at about $8,000 now, which is great, but if we don’t raise the $25,000 we won’t get the full match ?.

Here’s what I’ve seen over the last 10 years:  People come into the free classes, listen to the daily prayers, and listen to the radio show, and they tell me over and over again that their lives are profoundly changing.  Their relationships are really improving, there’s more Love in their lives and it’s very noticeable.

While I’m so happy to donate my time to many worthy causes, it still takes a staff to support all the technical aspects of having a global ministry that offers so many free things.  To be able to reach people with a free class takes money.

  • Your donations really do make it possible for us to tell more people about our free classes.
  • Your contributions make it possible for us to offer more free classes.
  • Your donations make it possible for us to transcribe the radio shows and the prayers so that the hearing impaired can participate, too.  Our transcripts are a Godsend to many people for whom English is a second language.
  • Your contributions make it possible for us to give partial scholarship to classes and support people who are on a pension, social security, or disability  – and these are often people who aren’t able to get out much. So, being able to participate in classes gives them a community of like-minded souls.
  • Your donations make it possible to do so much for many people all over the world – this is how global change occurs – by supporting people in deepening their spiritual practice and connection with God.  This is how we get to a spiritual tipping point for all beings!

Our free Living A Course in Miracles classes have helped so many people learn about A Course in Miracles and become inspired to pick it up again or open it for the first time.  Isn’t that wonderful?
Our goal is to raise $50,000 to invest in helping more people to apply these beautiful principles to their lives.
YOUR gift will be matched dollar for dollar if you give NOW.
With your help we can meet our goal of $50,000!  How cool is that?

Here’s the link to use now:

If you had any thoughts at all about making a tax-deductible contribution this year – now’s the time so we can receive the entire matching grant!
Would you please consider making a contribution to help us support more people around the world?

Your donation makes it possible for Power of Love Ministry to better serve those who have a strong inner calling to be of service, too, and live a deeper spiritual life.
We wish to thank you in advance for being a part of this expansion.  Together, we support all who wish to be a healing presence in their life and in their community in order to make the world a more loving place for everyone.  Together we’re:

Creating Capacity to Transform More Lives

All boats rise on this tide of Love!
Thank you!
One more thing – If you see my posts on Facebook, please help me to get the word out by commenting on them!  Thank you!

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