Choosing Heaven Today

December 18, 2017

We’re choosing heaven today!

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During stressful times, and during holiday times, old patterns come up for healing. And don’t we know it!! All through the holidays we get to choose heaven or hell with each choice we make. If you find the holidays difficult, if you struggle with old family patterns, if you’re feeling you’d like to really have a breakthrough then you might find my recent Relationship Healing & Harmony free class helpful.

When there are healing opportunities available to us and we *don’t choose them, instead repeating the past, we begin to feel discouraged and downtrodden, but we may not know why.

When our Spirit is working so intently to support us in having the breakthroughs we desire, and we choose to ignore them or let them pass us by, it eats away at our self-esteem.  Even if we don’t even consciously know it.

Extending Love is healing.
Reading books is not.

Not that reading books is bad – not at all – but it’s not enough.

A Course in Miracles is crystal clear about how we bring on our healing breakthrough to live a happy and harmonious life. Still, many people study ACIM and other spiritual teachings without actually applying the teachings and so they don’t receive the healing benefits.

Information isn’t healing.  Spiritual practice is healing.

Let’s all make the most of the holiday healing that is available to us! Enough with hell! Let’s choose heaven today!

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    Collaboration Is Healing
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