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It’s insane, but sometimes the idea of making a sacrifice becomes so appealing.  We think it will somehow make up for our selfishness.  We believe it will compensate for our insanity and make us more holy.  At this busy time of year, we can actually get caught up in the idea that we need to sacrifice for others in order to be loved.  Our ego deludes us into thinking we’re giving something up in order for others to be happy [1].  Crazy!

There is no sacrifice.  We make *choices because it’s what we’d like to do.  We make choices because it’s what will give us the very best feeling about ourselves – not because we’re making some sacrifice.  Sacrifice is an illusion.

There’s absolutely ZERO value in perpetuating ideas of sacrifice.  The truth [2] is, we really only do what we wish to do.  Even if we’re working so hard to put our kids through school or to take care of our loved ones who are ill, we’re still making the choice [3] that makes us the happiest.

If we perpetuate the belief in sacrifice we’re only adding to the world’s confusion.  Let’s get real today.

Truth is it’s a great gift to be of service – but only when we do it without sacrifice and completely with Love.  Then, it’s the gift we give ourselves.

Look into your belief system, and see if you can identify your thoughts about sacrifice.  Do you, perhaps, like the idea that you could make a sacrifice or BE a sacrifice and that would compensate for your sins?

What if, instead of compensating for your sins, you decide [4] to just release all your belief in sin and be sinless.  Would you still need to make a sacrifice?

I am done with sacrifice.  I prefer being of service with JOY!  Are you with me?  Let’s ride this way of Joy and put an end to Sacrifice!

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