December 13, 2017

Time is an illusion - we are eternal Love!

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One of the things that used to bother me the most was my belief that I didn’t have enough time.  For so many years, I really was making life hard for myself in so many ways, because I was utterly convinced that there wasn’t enough time for me to do what I needed to do in order to feel good about myself and be happy.

I was so sure that my happiness depended on my accomplishments and I didn’t have enough time to accomplish enough.  I was in a non-stop limitation thinking and, of course, experiencing lack and limitation all the live-long day!  Ugh.

My belief in lack, brought more lack.  Finally, I realized a simple truth:

We are eternal!

If we’re eternal, how can we not have enough time?

It’s a trick of the mind – and it’s a deep canyon of error thinking that most of us can fall into.

We can get into such a rut thinking we don’t have enough time.  I know many people who really struggle with this belief in being time-bound.

It’s preposterous to think that we’re limited by time, but I have to say, I used to build my life around it.  My belief in lack of time drove so many of my choices

As long as I thought there wasn’t enough of it, I felt worried and afraid.  It was a closed loop.  A hamster wheel of repeating nonsense.  I’m so glad that’s over.

Let me ask you, if you knew you had enough time, all the time, what would you do differently?  It’s worth pondering.  What would you REALLY do differently if you knew you had plenty of time?

It bends the mind a bit doesn’t it?

Maybe the #1 thing you’d do differently is to stop judging yourself.

Does judging yourself as not accomplishing enough in the time you have ever help you in any way?

Often, we think the judgment is a deterrent against laziness, but is it?  Or does it actually induce laziness as a reaction.

After all, when people are judging you and attacking you, what do you do?  Do you rebel?

Think about it?  What does that judgment really get you?

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