Travel in Style!

December 23, 2017
Travel in Style!

We’re sharing the blessings and shining the Light of Love.

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I aspire to travel in the style of my teacher, Jesus. He was a great world traveler, spreading healing wherever he went. His style of travel was blessed.

I was sharing about an experience I had one early morning, while waiting for my turn at the LAX American Airlines Terminal Burger King at 5:30am. I watched the woman who filled the orders. She had an individual smile for each customer, asking them if they wanted juice or coffee with their value meal.

Each half-awake traveler was lovingly told where to find the napkins and the ketchup. Each was told to have a nice day with real sincerity. By the time it was my turn to receive her kindness I had to tell her how much I appreciated and admired her spirit. Her smile grew even brighter. I felt the depth of her heart.
For many people, having to be at work before 5am, dealing with the public, for what is hardly a living wage, would be crushing, but for this woman it seemed that she felt SHE was the one who was deeply blessed.

Every day this beautiful woman faces people who are flying around the world for any number of reasons. Some are flying to or from funerals, some are frightened of flying, others worried about their jobs, and their families. I saw that this woman recognized her opportunity to provide a personal and powerful blessing for each customer. We all have this opportunity regardless of our circumstances.

This angel at the Burger King seemed to have it all because she was giving so much to each one she met. With her every breath she teaches us that if we want more love we need to be the love we seek. I seek to walk in the world as a loving, giving presence wherever I am and with whomever I’m with, and with every passing day I find more joy in my walk. Still, I don’t know that I could do what this Angel does.

Many of us yearn for a deeper expression of life purpose, more loving relationships, more peace, more prosperity. People often think they have to go somewhere special or take a special class to be transformed. I hear the words “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Today I resolve to find my inner angel nature and to walk in it. I look for opportunities to share the light that I can find in myself this day. Angels don’t look for rewards or gratitude, the simple opportunity to be the giver IS the gift.

In every moment, we can be truly helpful. There’s always a divine opportunity to be a healing presence if we choose it.

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