December 16, 2017

We can have miracles - when we’re willing to not give up.

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So many of the people who begin the year in Masterful Living feel that the healing, expansion and life they desire is not possible for them. They are true unbelievers. I was talking with several of them yesterday. One year ago, they were unbelievers – but not anymore!

Let me just tell you how GrateFULL I feel that I have followed my guidance even when it was REALLY hard for me. I am so grateful and here’s why:

It’s because of days like yesterday, and all this week and all last week – day after day hearing people’s stories of what changed for them this year in our Masterful Living community.

Imagine starting the year feeling that this is the year you’re going to file for divorce. It’s clear, the writing is on the wall in every room of your house. You and your spouse just aren’t compatible and there’s nothing you can do about it – you’ve tried everything you can think of.

But then, you decided to really live a simple spiritual practice. You decided to give the relationship to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing and you made the effort to leave it on the altar and begin to hold the vision for a holy relationship.

Year after year, I hear the beautiful and truly profound stories of people making the mental shifts that heal their life and relationships.

And the healing happens even though they don’t believe.

It’s life-changing.

In Masterful Living people learn that the miracles will happen for them if they’re willing to practice and give God a chance.

I have collected so many beautiful stories. Each one is a precious jewel.

It does take willingness. And that’s what spiritual community helps with. Together, we hold the light for each other so we don’t give up.

Yesterday I spoke with someone who had decided to give up and drop out of class. She was so sure it couldn’t work for her that she was all set to withdraw.

And then she talked with someone in the community about it and changed her mind.

And now, she’s helping others to not give up, because where she was once constantly worried, she’s found peace. And she’s so grateful now she’s inspired to help others in achieving their goals with their spiritual practice. She was CONVINCED it couldn’t work for her, but it did.

We replace the old thought with the new thought and we’re on our way to a new experience of Peace and Harmony! It’s easier than you think to change everything in your mind and your life, if you’re willing.

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