January 29, 2018

Let’s be truly generous, and share from our overflow.

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When I was the spiritual leader of the spiritual community that is now called INSPIRE LA in Los Angeles, one of the things we made a big part of our mission was to connect with and honor the elders and their wisdom. This was so important to me. I deeply value the wisdom of the elders who have learned so much through their years of living life.

Not all elders are particularly wise, this we know, but regardless, they deserve our respect. It’s so worth taking the time to seek out and talk with the elders of the community.

One thing we discovered was that a local housing development for the elderly it was very common that, towards the end of the month, residents wouldn’t have any money left to buy food. Their social security checks would have run out in the last days of the month and they’d literally be without food. So, we decided to start having pot lucks at the end of the month (with LOTS of leftovers) to have a festive and fun experience, while also providing necessary food to help them get through that lean time.

I encourage you to look around your area, and see if you can find where there might be elderly people near you, who are living on their government checks, and who might be tightly budgeted and very much in need of some support come the end of the month.

I once visited a lightworker, who gave so much to their community and who was quite financially challenged. Part of how they made it through the month was because a neighbor brought them food each week – simple offerings of bread and cheese, maybe some fruit – to help them get through the lean times.

Invite Spirit to help you identify those people in your area for whom it would be absolutely be life-changing for you to bring them $20 worth of food a couple of times a month. Or perhaps there’s an older person in your neighborhood that finds it tremendously difficult to get out and go to the store when the weather is rough.

These are considered “old-fashioned” values, and I’m old-fashioned in so many ways.

Spirit will point the way for you if you’re interested and willing. It’s extraordinary what a difference you can make in someone’s life and you’ll be so glad you did!

And if you have children, bring them along and let them see what loving your neighbor REALLY means. This is the true generosity, it’s being generous of Spirit and extending Love in practical ways that profoundly improve the quality of people’s lives!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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