GO Time!

January 27, 2018
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GO time!

Faith in Spirit never fails.

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Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who was feeling resistance to following their guidance. I used to have that challenge and it was very intense for me.

I felt guided to write and to share in workshops and classes, but I felt so much reluctance. I could feel that the energy of my spiritual potential was being sublimated rather than expressed and it felt SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

People resist following their guidance because the don’t see how the resources necessary will arrive. I know, because I felt that way too. My ego wanted to know how it would all work out before I went down the path.

I’ve since learned that it’s best to just go. It’s best to just say yes.

What is needed will arrive when it’s needed.

Part of the purpose is for us to practice placing our trust in Spirit rather than the ego. Having trust in Spirit awakens our faith. That’s part of the purpose.

Now is the time for us to leap, and to learn to trust. NOW is GO time for the light workers of the world! Spirit doesn’t know how to fail. Place your faith fully in Spirit!

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