January 18, 2018

God’s eternal goodness is our inheritance!

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A Course in Miracles tells us that everything works together for our good and there are no exceptions.  To the surface mind this is impossible to believe.  It’s just not acceptable in any way.  It’s non-sensical.

This is why we either accept it on faith or we don’t.  It’s easy to argue with the truth.  It’s easy to make a case against it.  It’s challenging to accept it.

And yet, if we label our experiences as working against us, and NOT for our good, we are pushing away our experience of the very good that we desire.  For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the good of God is encoded into each moment for us to receive.

We cannot experience the good that life is offering us if we’re labeling our experiences as bad and wrong.  Who can see the good in that which they’ve labeled bad?  It takes humility to open the door to perceive with the clear sight of the pure heart.

When I look back over my days, I can consistently see that when I accepted that there was good to be found in the most difficult times, I was led right to it, eventually.  Without faith I was blind.  I was lost.  With faith comes the experience of grace.

When I was in the thick of it, I couldn’t possibly have deduced that my mother’s long slow painful illness and passing would have been the perfect vehicle for me to work with my mind and bring me Peace for the rest of my life, but it did and I saw it clearly after my mother passed.  Ten years later, I still have Peace.

It’s far easier and more enjoyable to walk through life declaring that my good is where I am, always;  my good is here now and forever; I am available to receive it now and forever; and I am so very grateful for the good that is now.  It is God’s goodness always with me.

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