Self-Terrorism or Self-Love

January 3, 2018

Let’s shift our perception so we can live in a wonderland of Love and Light

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One of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles is “You may still complain about fear, but you nevertheless persist in making yourself fearful.” So clear, and so spot on.

As much as we might prefer to blame others for how we feel, it’s never going to be true. When we can take responsibility for the thoughts that we think we’ve made a huge step in the direction of spiritual maturity. For me, one of the most powerful realizations I’ve had on this path of unfolding love is that my willingness to be responsible for what I choose to think is actually going to be a benefit to me.

We cause ourselves to worry through choosing to imagine things we don’t wish to have happen. It’s like self-terrorism. It’s an act of Love that becomes a choice for healing when we are willing to move away from the thoughts that terrify us.

Some people enjoy watching horror movies. Some people create their own in their mind. I have come to understand it. We feel very alive when we’re worried, when we make all of our perceptions and projections so real.

I’ve learned that being responsible for what I choose to entertain in my awareness is an act of self-love. It’s pretty normal for us all to make mis-takes and choose fearful, terrorizing thoughts. I used to do it all day long. I still make mis-takes. I make them every day and I also learn from them every day.

I used to be terrified to make mis-takes, but since I’ve learned to be loving with myself I’m not afraid to make mis-takes anymore.

Some mis-takes are missed opportunities.
Some are tactical errors.
Some are oversights.

I can forgive myself for all of them as an act of Self-Love.
Forgiveness is releasing the judgment I’ve held against myself for my choices in the past – even if it’s the near past.

No matter what, I’m always learning – and I’m always learning to forgive. Forgiveness is an act of Love and being able to forgive easily makes me a more loving person. Wonderful!
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