Spiritual Maturity

January 22, 2018
Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual maturity is a practice of liberation!

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This is part 3 of a 3 part series. You can start with Part 1 – Spiritual Information – before you read this.

It’s possible to become masterful at collecting information, even information from the best spiritual sources, powerful teachers and writers and still be closed off, angry and miserable.

I used to think, “I know these spiritual principles. I’m such a good student. I get A’s on everything.” That was my ego, enticing me to stay stuck in my intellect rather than moving into my heart. The ego is always trying to figure out what the Spirit already understands. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors formed around wild goose chases and interminable rabbit holes.

Part of what was so time and energy consuming was my obsessively, compulsively thinking about how to figure things out. I was convinced that finding an intellectual spiritual method would help me heal. I thought if I read all these books, and listened to all these classes, and listened to lots of audios it would somehow heal my mind. But I’m here to say that it does not. I’ve done the research.

There’s a wonderful teaching from the Bible, that when you come back into your heart and you’re reborn in the Spirit, then all the years that the locusts have eaten are given back to you. All the time that you think you wasted, it’s given back to you.

How is it given back to us? Because now, by virtue of moving into your heart, having self-compassion, loving yourself, forgiving yourself and everyone else, forgiving the debts and the debtors, the trespassers and the trespasses, then we can live in the moment. We can live the Love, and all that we had blocked, all the learning that we had blocked, we can now harvest it. So, it really is like all the time we wasted is given back to us.

Every single moment offers us an opportunity to do this, to return to the beginning through forgiveness. Forgiveness is a spiritual practice that brings us to a place of being able to finally learn the lessons from our errors. Without forgiveness we must keep repeating the errors.

When we don’t forgive, it’s a kind of arrogance we’re adopting that says “I think I know what everything is for, and I’ve decided it’s not for my good.

These judgments prevent us from really understanding what things are for. Which prevents us from harvesting the learning from our experiences. Without any learning, we’re just repeating the same errors and feeling more and more foolish.

When we develop the spiritual maturity of being able to forgive, release the judgment and harvest the learning comes a sweet and great gratitude for the learning. That’s one of the things that is such a key component to my life, everything that I share, and the teaching in Masterful Living.

Together, as a community, we learn to live from the heart, being loving and forgiving. It heals our whole life, and it raises up our loved ones, our co-workers and our friends. Forgiveness as a spiritual practice is just one day at a time, one moment at a time, and one choice at a time. That’s the only way that there really is to do it.

It’s a living spiritual practice of being loving. We can’t get it from a book, but we can get it from listening to each other and hearing Spirit’s Voice in each other’s voice. We can get it from being Prayer Partners together, and helping each other to release the shame and the blame.

Together we cultivate our spiritual maturity through a practice of non-judgment, and harvesting the learning. It’s amazing, miraculous and it’s deeply healing!

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