January 26, 2018

An open heart has unbeatable strength.

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Sometimes it feels very sticky to let something go. The very idea of letting something go can feel like a wound. I remember feeling that way. I felt that it was a sign of strength to be a grudge holder. What I learned was that it doesn’t require strength to hold a grudge, it requires a willingness to endure suffering – and that is not even remotely what strength is.

Strength is when you have the willingness to open your heart and stand in a place, committed to being Loving, while the strong winds blow. Trees are such a good example of beautiful beings that have the ability to withstand the storms of life and still keep offering, with incredible generosity, food and shelter to all who come near. I love trees for their amazing givingness.

Here’s how I learned to let go, to forgive and to move on: I learned that it’s the most loving thing to do for ME. It improves the quality of MY life.

And I learned how to forgive – once I learned that, I started to share what I learned. There is a precise formula that works. It really, really works, and it’s totally free! It’s available to everyone.

Give to Spirit your interpretations of events, let them go to Spirit for healing.

If you’d like more help with this, check out my free workshop – it’s available for you right now. I encourage you to go for it! Invite a friend over and do it together!

Click here now to get my free HOW TO GET OVER IT forgiveness workshop. You don’t deserve to suffer so you can hold onto the hurt. Give it to Spirit for healing as an act of Self-Love! That’s what REAL strength is!

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