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Sometimes it feels very sticky to let something go. The very idea of letting something go can feel like a wound. I remember feeling that way. I felt that it was a sign of strength to be a grudge holder. What I learned was that it doesn’t require strength to hold a grudge, it requires a willingness to endure suffering – and that is not even remotely what strength is.

Strength is when you have the willingness to open your heart [1] and stand in a place, committed to being Loving, while the strong winds blow. Trees are such a good example of beautiful beings that have the ability to withstand the storms of life and still keep offering, with incredible generosity, food and shelter to all who come near. I love trees for their amazing givingness.

Here’s how I learned to let go [2], to forgive [3] and to move on: I learned that it’s the most loving thing to do for ME. It improves the quality of MY life.

And I learned how to forgive – once I learned that, I started to share what I learned. There is a precise formula that works. It really, really works, and it’s totally free! It’s available to everyone.

Give to Spirit your interpretations of events, let them go to Spirit for healing [4].

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Click here now to get my free HOW TO GET OVER IT [5] forgiveness workshop. You don’t deserve to suffer so you can hold onto the hurt. Give it to Spirit for healing as an act of Self-Love! That’s what REAL strength is!

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