January 19, 2018

Our job is to allow!

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Many of us had experiences when we were younger where we were given things to enjoy and then told later that there was a price for them.  Women are particularly familiar with this.  I’d venture to say that there’s hardly a woman that has accepted an invitation for an evening out that wasn’t expected to also pay up with some kind of sexual favor.

Many fear a hidden price tag.  Many are tired of living with people who keep score and who don’t give anything without expecting something in return.  I find that women are often the ones most likely to keep score, perhaps because they also tend to do more in the home then men do.

For reasons such as these, folks begin to conclude that it’s better for them to not owe anyone.  As a result they become less receptive in general.  This then causes a beginning of greater and greater limitation.  People who have a greater experience of lack, when we look deeply into it, have often become highly resistant to receiving even a compliment.

If you’d like to reverse this, realize that all there is comes from God. Determine to become receptive to whatever people would like to give you, including all kindnesses.  There are no extra points for doing everything on your own and not needing anyone.

We give God a chance to flow in our life by being a grateful receiver.  There may be times when it seems as though people would like to give you something you don’t really need or want, but if you pause with it, you may be able to feel the value of being receptive anyway.

I’ve learned the value of asking for help from the visible and the invisible.  My practice is one of remembering to ask, be receptive and allow the flow of good into my life.  Allowing the flow is essential to experiencing expansive goodness.

It’s God’s nature to always be giving.  Our job is to allow!

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  • Related Posts:

    Saying I’m Sorry
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