February 21, 2018

Our feelings can be overwhelming, and we can learn to have dominion!

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One of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles is “You may still complain about fear, but you nevertheless persist in making yourself fearful.”

As much as we might prefer to blame others for how we feel, it’s never going to be the actual cause of our emotions. Our emotions are triggered by our thoughts. When you consider your experiences of life, who can actually make you feel anything?

Do I have the power to make people angry or sad? If I do, then let me use that power to make people feel happy and peaceful.

If I could make people feel happy I would, but that’s not how it works.

ACIM tells us that our thoughts produce form, at some level. Our emotions are form. Our thoughts are also form. Thoughts produce more thoughts.

Someone could say that dogs make them feel afraid and threatened, but is it the animals, or is it their thoughts about the animals. I’ve seen people be truly frightened by a sweet friendly dog and I’ve seen people be calm with a threatening dog.

We like to think that things outside of us can make us feel things, but we can choose to take dominion over our mind.

When we can take responsibility for the thoughts that we think we’ve made a huge step in the direction of spiritual maturity. For me, one of the most powerful realizations I’ve had on this path of unfolding love is that my willingness to be responsible for what I choose to think is actually going to be a benefit to me.

I’ve learned that being responsible is an act of self-love. It’s natural for us all to make mis-takes. I make them every day and I also learn from them every day. I used to be terrified to make mis-takes, but since I’ve learned to be loving with myself I’m not afraid to make mis-takes anymore.

Some mis-takes are missed opportunities.
Some are tactical errors.
Some are oversights.

No matter what, I’m always learning – and I’m always learning to forgive. Forgiveness is an act of Love and being able to forgive easily makes me a more loving person.


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