Flowing in Abundance

February 4, 2018
Flowing in Abundance

Gratitude magnifies the good - and increases our abundance!

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Right now, in our human experience, we’re all working with the same lesson. Of course, this makes perfect sense, when you realize that we’re all one. All one, working on the same lesson.

We each have our individual aspects of the curriculum, and it all adds up to a complete and perfect whole.

What is this one great lesson? It’s the full realization of our unity and oneness in spirit. Every single problem, concern, worry, challenge, issue or upset that we have in our human experience is always related to a belief in separation – it’s all about a belief in limitation.

A belief in separation from God produces all sense of lack and limitation in our human experience.

Our willingness to accept the unity of all life increases our abundance and prosperity. When we actively recognize our connection with all beings, then we’re expanding our sense of worthiness and our understanding of our unlimited nature. This brings gratitude and that also generates more abundance.

Gratitude is the attitude that increases the good.

When we can accept that every problem is an expression of a belief in separation, it’s easier for us to let Spirit undo every problem, worry, doubt, fear and sense of doubt with one antidote: unity consciousness.

We don’t have to figure out how to solve any problems anymore. All we need do is recognize that every problem stems from an active belief in limitation and separation.

So the question is, are you willing to give up every problem you think have in exchange for recognizing that you are one with every person on this planet, every creature, and particle of life?

I AM willing to prove God as my very life! I AM willing to choose Love today!

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