February 11, 2018

We are already as holy as holy can be!

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Yesterday I was asked “what is healing?”

It’s so valuable to ask simple questions and to allow Spirit, the Higher Holy Spirit Self give you the answer. When you get it direct from Spirit rather it brings with it an energetic that is enlivening and can also be transformative.

So, what is healing?

Healing is the release of the blocks to Love in our awareness. The blocks to Love are our beliefs, which come from the decisions we’ve made – in this life or any other.

I’ve found that the truth is profoundly liberating. “The truth sets you free” isn’t just a saying, it’s truth!

Truth is: we are already perfect. We are already as holy as holy can be. We can’t become any holier than we already are.

Our responsibility and our opportunity is to give up the idea that we’re not already there. That’s pretty much all there is to awakening.

Healing is all about giving up the blocks to Love.

When you feel a need to prove that you’re right, there’s a block to Love.
When you judge your self, there’s a block to Love.
When you complain, there’s a block to Love.

If we only pay attention to a few opportunities to choose Love, rather than the block, each day,

No matter how badly every day has gone until today, we can make a loving choice now and turn the whole thing around.

Our time for healing is now. The opportunity to heal is now.

When we’re doing this healing work on our own, we can easily get discouraged and distracted. It helps so much to work together with other like-minded souls, and to consistently Partner UP.

We’re learning to remember union, unity and oneness. It’s an active choice that we make. If we miss 1,000 choices, just grab the next one. Love is so powerful, it heals anything. ANYTHING!

Let’s give up any idea that we have to figure out HOW to have a healing and focus on choosing to be in the flow of Love that IS healing.

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