February 16, 2018

Our prayers are answered when we pray to know the truth.

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One of the strongest patterns that people have is an upset related to justice and feeling things aren’t fair. I hear it from a lot of people. I get it.

The hurt, anger, the fear and doubt that people feel because they believe that “life just isn’t fair to them,” is really intense and painful. And it just keeps happening to them over and over again. Because they believe it, they keep seeing it. As it says in A Course in Miracles, perception is projection.

The ego is an attacker, and, conversely, it always wants to punish. It has a pattern of choosing to go through this repeating pattern:

Perceive an attack from someone
Defend against the attack (make it real) rather than answer a cry for Love
Use that perceived attack as an excuse for attacking
Punish the attacker
Feel guilty and ashamed for being so unspiritual
and move into regret, feeling bad and wrong, justified in self-attack
(the attacker always feels attacked
Increase resentment, harbor a grudge and polish a grievance
Make decisions that are negative such as “I’m never going to trust them again.” “I can’t trust anyone, they always let me down.”

The attacker always feels attacked.
The judger always feels judged.

It’s a hamster wheel of injustice, hurt, anger, resentment, and it is a HUGE drain on our energy that lowers our vibration and teaches us through pain and suffering.

Let God handle the justice. Our job is to answer the cry for Love, and release all judgments.

The lover always feels beloved.
Let’s go for that.

The ego gathers evidence to support our false beliefs and it just makes it seem more real, more permanent, more fixed, but that doesn’t actually make it true. It’s just what we do, until we’re willing to change our minds.

The false beliefs need a lot of evidence to prop them up.
The truth is true and resounds throughout the universe.
The truth is what we are, the truth is: We are perfect Love.

Sometimes we cry out for Divine Justice even though in our mind, our opinions and judgments are not just at all.

It’s precisely because we cling to our opinions, which are unfair, that we feel the world is unfair and unsafe. And it’s why we feel we need to bring our own justice.

It’s our beliefs that are manifesting as an unsafe, unfair world – and we have the power to change our mind, which DOES change the world!

Today we’re in a new moon phase – it started yesterday. New moon is a time of planting seeds. Let’s plant the seeds of a loving world that feels safe and honoring to ALL.

When I made the decision and the commitment to look for the perfect Beauty in everyone, I began to see it in myself and forever undo the idea that there was something wrong with me.

There IS a divine justice. It’s ALWAYS operating.

IF we’re willing we can feel Spirit’s perfect justice and feel safe again. This was a topic on my radio show and you can click here now to get the download of my episode on Divine Justice! Check it out!

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