Letting Love In

February 7, 2018
Letting Love In

We pause to hear the still small voice and let the Love in.

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The people I know who are longing for more Love and connection in their life are sometimes aware that they are the ones that are blocking the flow of Love. Some folks are in relationships that don’t feel loving and the thought is that the reason there’s a lack of Love is because of what the other people are doing. Both perspectives can feel intensely depressing, frustrating and confusing as well as hurtful.

What can make things even more difficult, and we might not even realize it, is that we’re judging ourselves for not being able to figure it out. We judge ourselves as being a failure, or we judge our loved ones as being bad, wrong and a failure. Judge, judge, judge.

I can so relate to this. I would ping pong back and forth between the two mindsets of blaming myself and blaming others. Blaming doesn’t help.

What does help is being willing to look for the loving choices in the moment. We were talking about this in class last night. It’s about being able to PAUSE rather than react from the same perspective from the past.

When we pause, something new can happen.
With a pause we’re letting Spirit have a chance to get in.
In the pause we can hear the still small voice of Spirit.

It takes a strong willingness to move out of reaction and to the pause.

We all desire to be in the flow of Love so much, it’s worth a little pause, isn’t it?

If you KNEW that training yourself to pause in order to hear the voice for Love would improve the quality of every minute of the rest of your life, would you make it a priority?

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