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February 15, 2018
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We can make a commitment to be mindful as part of our daily spiritual practice.

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When I bring my attention fully into the present, into the now, then I can see that each and every moment contains a choice. The choice is always between love and something other than love. As I keep a commitment to being mindful it’s possible for me to choose love more often.

As I am mindful of the choices I make, I am also mindful of their outcomes. Now that I am more mindful, if I choose fear, anger or some other form of suffering I can see that it was my choice.

Right there in that moment of knowing that I made a choice, there’s another opportunity to choose love and forgive myself. I witness that love has an intelligence all of its own. This makes every moment of my life a work of art.

In their book EMBRACING THE BELOVED: Relationship as a Path of Awakening, Stephen & Ondrea Levine write, “Those who suppress the ego instead of just letting it recede into the heart make the same merciless error in judgment as those who, attempting to cure serious illness, believe they must ‘filter out all negative thoughts’ in order to be healed … They do not recognize that what leaves the ‘negative residue’ is not the thought, no matter how dark or fearful, but the negative reaction (holding), as opposed to the healing response (letting go), to that moment. That a ‘positive’ thought grasped is less healing than a ‘negative’ one met with mercy.”

Focusing on being able to respond rather than react as my spiritual practice changed my life and helped me heal my relationships.

I’ve made a commitment to be mindful as part of my daily spiritual practice. I may not always succeed, but when I do, I meet any dark and fearful thoughts with mercy.

In this way my daily practice is healing and I share the benefit with all beings because I am one with them. And that makes even the most challenging day a blessing to us all.

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