Negative Anticipation

February 18, 2018
Negative Anticipation

We can see what’s ahead as threatening, or we can see it as encoded with the perfect opportunity to be truly helpful.

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One pattern that’s very common in the human race consciousness is the habit of planning for what you don’t wish to have happen. Obviously, that’s exactly what insurance is for. It’s a contingency plan in case what you don’t want to have happen happens.

Sometimes there can even be a perverse fantasy of “what if the worst happens, and then what would my story be?” It’s a fantasy, a rehearsal of the worst, or the undesired outcome.

Have you ever thought “what if?” And then started to imagine what you really DO NOT want to have happen? It’s a habit. An unhelpful habit that the ego has, so that it can prepare, control and manage our lives always anticipating unpleasant scenarios.

This was a very sticky, icky habit of mine, and I broke myself of it by interrupting it and giving the whole thought pattern to the Higher Holy Spirit Self. I asked that it be healed back to the root cause so that I would never experienced it again.

I realized that I truly was only interested in being present to the moment and knowing that all is well. I really didn’t want that negative pattern.

I recognized that the old pattern of fantasizing or futurizing a negative situation that I truly didn’t wish to have happen was a mental habit I could let go of. I quickly discovered that not putting ANY energy into what I don’t desire is profoundly helpful.

I now have proven so many, many times, that keeping focused on what I desire to experience is the most effective path of living a beautiful life. I keep my attention on the deep desires of my heart: to know the Christ in my own heart, to experience consistent Peace, Love, Joy, Beauty, Wisdom, Prosperity, Wholeness, Freedom and the All Good of God in each moment without hand.

Many times, as I travel around this world, or as I’m in relationship in community and with family, I encounter situations where people are upset, frightened, angry, hurt, and so on.

I get to teach peace and harmony regardless of the situation.

I choose to know only a possible happy outcome – whatever that might be. I don’t have to figure out what the highest and best is, I ALLOW it and anticipate the revelation of it.

I stand firm in my knowing that the highest and best for ANYONE has to be the highest and best for EVERYONE because we’re one with each other.

As I go along, the people around me, who might approach with intense fear or upset, became kinder and more helpful to me and the others I’m with. I have a strong intention to be a truly helpful loving presence, and I see that it shifts the energy of those around me. I’m not 100% consistent, but I aspire to me.

I learned years ago that no matter what happens it’s for the best. As A Course in Miracles says: Everything works together for your good, there are no exceptions, except to the ego. We can see what’s ahead as threatening, or we can see it as encoded with the perfect opportunity to be truly helpful.

Let us no longer identify with the ego.

If my negative karma shows up as me having to be delayed or detained while Spirit puts me in a situation that I can be truly helpful, I’ll take it.

Most of the time I can easily realize why I’m in that difficult situation. I am here to represent the one who sent me. Realizing that I’m actually on a mission from God, I can be peaceful and patient with things as they are.

Let me now fulfill my function which is to forgive.
What is true forgiveness?
It’s an active practice of non judgment.

Sometimes things don’t go as I wish they would go and it doesn’t feel smooth. And still, I’m so grateful for the ways in which my karma shows up. Facing it, rather than avoiding it, I can more easily accept the wisdom teaching that comes with each challenge.

I thank GOD for my perfect life.

I know that everything is perfect because it was perfectly designed by me, for me, for my learning and healing and that’s what I’m interested in. All is well!

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