Relationship Rescue

February 6, 2018
Relationship Rescue

Love is our healer. It heals things back to the root.

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For most of us, our relationships are the most challenging part of our lives. For so many, many years I deluded myself into believing that my relationship problems were ALL about the other people and what they were doing or not doing, what they’d done and not done.

I was willing to admit that I exacerbated the problems we had, but there was NO WAY I would take responsibility for the relationship problems and drama because it WASN’T MY FAULT.

There’s the crux of how the ego caught me like a fish on a hook. The ego ALWAYS looks to blame someone. I was a blamer and a complainer.

What I am so grateful for now is that I’ve learned that one person in a relationship can take 100% responsibility, and working with Spirit, because we share the same mind, the entire relationship can be turned around, miraculously. I see this year after year in my Masterful Living classes.

Relationship healing is the most common miracle that people experience in our classes. True and lasting healing, for which they are very grateful. It’s the gift they give to everyone in their lives.

True and lasting healing of any kind comes because we’ve healed the issue in our mind. The root cause of the problem is gone completely.

In the last few years I’ve been doing a bit of gardening and I’ve learned that if you don’t get the weeds out at the roots, they’ll come right back and often with more vigor, because they know they need to “bring it” with more ferocity in order to survive. Our mental and emotional problems can seem to operate in the same way.

In my classes we focus on healing to the absolute root. We put Spirit in charge because Spirit knows the root. Spirit knows EXACTLY how these beliefs came to our awareness, how they took root, and how we allowed them to grow, fed them and fueled them. Spirit knows every detail. Spirit can heal it in every nook and cranny because it doesn’t need to investigate. It already knows.

True, lasting, and miraculous healing is about being in a REAL partnership with the invisible field of Love that is always live-streaming insight and clarity to us, if we’re receptive. And that’s why I do what I do – to show people the way to do that!

In order to be more receptive, we have to clear the blocks to Love from our mind, working with Spirt, of course!

Because of recent sharing in this year’s Masterful Living Classes and Community Calls, I’ve decided to reopen registration until midnight on February 12th. If you missed the opportunity to join us earlier in the year, IT’S NOT TOO LATE. We’re doing such amazing work this year, and we have payment plans and even some partial scholarships. If you have ANY interest, please click here to set up an exploratory call to learn more about Masterful Living! These exploratory calls are my gift to you! You’ll get clarity about what’s best for you, and they’re done by spiritual counselors, not sales people. I don’t have any sales people, because your intuition is your guide!

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