Studying VS Learning

February 10, 2018
Studying VS Learning

Wisdom opens like a flower in our mind.

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For years, I satisfied my ego by studying spiritual teachings and making small amounts of progress in the transformation of my life and the healing of my heart. I invested SO much time studying, without actually diving into do the deeper healing work.

Reading lots of books and listening to lots of audios is a great way to get the ego to feel like it’s doing a great job. However, I couldn’t settle for that. I had a deep desire to truly have a breakthrough and to KNOW GOD.

Reading books isn’t a way to know God. That’s pretty obvious, right? Yet, we do read books thinking it’s going to deepen us spiritually.

Gathering information can be interesting, but information doesn’t have the power to heal. Our healing is the release of the blocks to Love. Books can inspire us tremendously, but without application, it’s just a momentary high.

I have a number of books about spirituality that I LOVE, some I even take with me wherever I go, like A Course in Miracles. As much as I treasure the teachings in the books, without the practical application of them in my life, nothing in my life changes.

It’s my willingness to be in tune with the Infinite Spirit that shifts my awareness, heals my mind, opens my heart and changes things in my life for the better.

Studying teachings is wonderful, but unless it inspires us to actually do something different, to make a more loving choice, to see with new eyes, we’re not actually investing our time wisely.

Our willingness to hear more clearly, see more clearly, know more clearly and feel more clearly the opportunities to choose Love is the place for us to put our attention. When we do, it’s miraculous how much healing can happen so quickly. Decades of wandering in the desert are harvested instantly. We come home to our true identity in Spirit. These are the blessings that are ours to receive in each moment. Let us claim them, now.

Let us remember that we already KNOW the truth that sets us free!
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