The Long View

February 2, 2018
The Long View

We hold the vision we’d like to experience.

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website builders I’ve learned the value of working towards succeeding in the long view. I’ve learned to hold the vision that Spirit gives me for the changes that are possible and then it’s my job to energize that vision and call it into being. In some spiritual teachings it’s called “holding the form.”

For instance, many years ago, when Whole Foods first had a store in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, they had a lot of organic produce. It seemed REALLY expensive compared to what was available for non-organic produce at other stores. (FYI, I also shopped at Trader Joe’s, my favorite store to this day.)

Although the organic foods where much more expensive, I decided to purchase them, not just because I wish to eat organic foods without toxic pesticides, I wished to support the growth of that industry. I like to give financial support to people who are doing the work that I feel is most valuable and most supports the world I’d like to live in.

I realized that it might cost me $200 more per year to eat organic, but I felt that was the only way to support that industry, and those farmers, and bring the cost down. Since then, the price of organic produce has gone down. And it continues to go down as it is more and more popular.

I knew that it took years for a farmer to be able to turn their farm to organic and I was in it for the long view. Sometimes we invest in the big picture, even though it seems like our little choices won’t add up to changing the big picture. In truth, it’s quite often that our little changes and efforts are the only thing that CAN change the long view.

I’m very excited about our future right now. I hold the long view that in 10 years time, in America, we will have many seats in congress and in local public offices held by women, and particularly women of color. Beautiful, brilliant women who truly care about children, housing, economics, and the welfare and well-being of the people in these United States.

I’m holding the long view and it feels SO good to me. I’m loving it! Right now, I look in the news each day and I simply say “Wow! Who ever thought THAT would happen?” Things are changing, they’re blowing up, they’re falling down, and I have faith in the vision of unity in the long view.

What are you holding for the long view of your life and your community?

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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