Emotional Intensity

March 25, 2018
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Emotional Intensity

This is the view from our front yard in Maine. It continuously enchants and amazes me. I love being able to share it with you, my precious prayer partner.

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Haven’t we all learned that when we’re looking to change our ways and get out of the patterns that are so sticky, addictive, compulsive and intense that going cold turkey can be really challenging. The challenge is that we’re faced with our “stuff.” When we’re looking to really shift and clear the pattern it can be so helpful to take a break from feeding the pattern – and that will mean that your emotional attachments to the pattern will come up in your face – and that’s not easy.

When we avoid making changes its because we don’t want to deal with the emotional intensity that change sometimes brings. We’d rather play small than face the challenge. It happens to us all and in various areas of our lives.

What can be helpful is to realize that we have an inner strength that is FAR beyond our knowing – and many have rarely tapped into it. It’s ours for the asking. It comes from our Higher Holy Self and to access it we must put the Higher Self in charge. It’s a lot of surrender to the highest wisdom within us. The wisdom is not outside, it is our true nature.

Here’s a great way to access that power: I AM statements.

I AM is the name of our Higher Holy Self – We share the same Higher Holy Self with everyone – including all the great Ascended Masters. (Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, etc.) I AM statements invoke the higher wisdom of the Holy Self to activate and take over – Miracles come from this practice. Try it and see! Some simple I AM statements I use all the time with great effectiveness are:

I AM willing to have a healing now.
I AM is the only intelligence acting in my mind and body.
I AM the purity of Love.

We often think that the body is addicted to things – addicted to sugar, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, etc. The body isn’t really addicted, it’s the mind. So we heal the addiction in the mind – and the fastest way I know to do it is to give the healing to the Higher Holy Self.

My I AM Presence is healing, resolving and dissolving all attachments, cravings, addictive and compulsive tendencies back to the root cause so that I never experience them again. I AM willing to have a healing now. I AM grateful for my healing now.

The slippery slope is when we say, “I’m just going to have a cookie” and then a bit later we say “well, that didn’t cause a problem, so I’m going to have a few more cookies.” And then later we say, “well, I already blew it today, so I might as well have some cake and ice cream, and then start again tomorrow.”

Of course there’s nothing wrong with having a cookie because it’s not about the cookie. It’s about how quickly we give ourselves permission to venture into self-sabotage and that place of “I already blew it, so I might as well blow myself up entirely!” That’s where Self-Love comes in. When we truly Love ourselves, we’re able to make decisions that are loving and supportive.

Loving ourselves is the way to transform all suffering. For real.

Changing our lives and healing our minds is so much easier in community. We are an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. To this end, I’m offering another Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive in May and my Stop Playing Small retreat right before, at the end of April. (If you can’t make this Counseling Training in May, there will be one in October.) We practice and learn Self-Love in Spiritual Community and it’s a powerful healing experience. It’s a living, loving, beautiful expression of Spirit’s Love.

If you feel that you’ve been playing small in any way, I’d love to support you in breaking free of that. If you’re feeling called to do this work with me, please trust that and allow Spirit to provide what is needed so that you can answer the call you’re feeling. We can do this together!

We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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