Healing with Self-Love

March 18, 2018
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Healing with Self-Love

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I haven’t read the book, A Wrinkle in Time, but I took my niece and nephew to see it last night. I love one of the major themes in it. Other people teach us how to love and accept ourselves. It’s a beautiful thing.

In the movie, it’s clear that the root causes of fear and violence are a lack of Self-Love. Many people have told me that they don’t know how to begin to love themselves. I get it! One of the major issues is that many of us have been raised by people who didn’t model it.

When we don’t have clear examples of Self-Love then we don’t know what it is. Self-Love IS recognizing that we don’t love people because they have no issues. We don’t love people when the conditions are right. That’s not what Love is. Love, as Shakespeare said so beautifully, “Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds, … it looks on tempests and is never shaken.”

This means that someone can behave unkindly, foolishly, thoughtlessly, and still they are quite lovable. We all fall down every day. I know I do. And the way I get back up from the fall is through my spiritual practice of self-forgiveness.

Self-forgiveness is a practice non-judgment.

The other night I was out with a friend at a gathering of people. I didn’t realize it, but I was walking around with my dress pulled up and tucked into my slip – a classic kind of exposure that you see in the movies. I’d gone to the bathroom and pulled my dress up to use the toilet, but then it got tucked into my slip and I didn’t realize it.

Fortunately, a kind woman told me and I adjusted my clothing. I was a little bit embarrassed. It definitely bothered me for a moment. No one wants to walk around with their undergarments exposed. Well, actually, a lot of people do because they like the attention, but I’m not one of them! LOL!

My momentary embarrassment didn’t last long because I didn’t hang onto any judgment of myself. I’m not a bad person, or a foolish person because I tucked my skirt in my slip. I’m not even a careless person. It just happened. It is what it is.

We can realize that we love others even when they fart, and fall down, and have spinach in their teeth. So, we don’t have to make a meaning of it when we discover something about ourselves that we’d rather not have everyone know.

I once was teaching a group, and I was wearing all white, white pants, white top, etc. I had been teaching for a while and we took a break. When I went to use the bathroom I discovered that I’d started menstruating and I didn’t know it and my white pants were showing blood. It happens. This is life. The meaning to make of it was “I’m a woman, I’m fertile, I’m experiencing my natural cycles.” No judgment needed. Fortunately, I was in my home and I could change clothes.

When we have real Love for ourselves, we don’t judge. We accept. We soothe ourselves. We nurture ourselves. No punishment ever. That’s what Love is. Love is patient, love is kind, never jealous, never harsh. Since Love is what we are. Let’s allow the Love to shine through in our thoughts and watch the whole world change!

Let’s teach only Love, for that is what we are.

We practice and learn Self-Love in Spiritual Community and it’s a powerful healing experience. It’s a living, loving, beautiful expression of Spirit’s Love. We are an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. To this end, I’m offering another Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive in May and my Stop Playing Small retreat right before, at the end of April. (If you can’t make this Counseling Training in May, there will be one in October.)

If you feel that you’ve been playing small in any way, I’d love to support you in breaking free of that. If you’re feeling called to do this work with me, please trust that and allow Spirit to provide what is needed so that you can answer the call you’re feeling. We can do this together!

We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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