March 23, 2018

Let’s be fierce for Love rather than the ego.

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I used to be the queen of taking offense. It’s so easy to be offended by things in life. For much of my life this was my habit. I would look for things to be offended by.

When I deepened my spiritual practice and committed myself to releasing all negativity and keep my focus on being loving and compassionate, I started to have many realizations that supported my intention to change my life.

There were two main things that I realized that were very helpful to me.

First, I realized that one of the reasons why I took offense so frequently was that it was deeply upsetting to me. In being upset, I would feel “alive.” The energy of being upset gives us the false sense of being energized and having a purpose, a reason for living. It’s a strange kind of “I’m upset, there for I am.”

Think about that. The ego is nothing. It has no power. Yet, if we take offense and get upset, it’s as if we’re taking our life-force and pouring it into the ego. The ego seems so alive and powerful when we’re offended.

If we’re identified with the ego, we need to find life. The ego has no life of it’s own. Spirit has life, the ego doesn’t. Being upset is a false sense of life.

Recognizing that I was settling for a false sense of life, instead of real liveliness, I decided to quit taking offense and replace that habit with being loving and kind.

Secondly, when offended, we can feel powerful. When we’re offended, we feel SO right. When we’re taking offense, we’re the ones who are better than whoever we’re offended by.

When we don’t have a direct sense of personal power because we’re living from the only power there is, which is Love, then we may look for some false sense of power. In which case, power OVER others (which is an aspect of being offended) will be an acceptable compromise.

Recognizing that the feeling of power over others actually makes me feel icky, and energetically depressed because it’s a denial of unity and oneness, I decided to replace that habit of being righteously offended with being compassionate.

Realizing that being upset frequently isn’t self-loving, I replaced it with being self-nurturing and focusing on loving thoughts and prayer.

I’m so glad that I saw how self-destructive the habit of being offended is. I don’t wish to take offense anymore. There’s no benefit in it for me. I’m done with it.

I’d rather focus my attention on extending Love and being truly helpful. I’d rather focus on what makes me happy rather than being upset. It’s the Power of Love in my heart!

Changing our lives and healing our minds is so much easier in community. We are an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. To this end, I’m offering another Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive in May and my Stop Playing Small retreat right before, at the end of April. (If you can’t make this Counseling Training in May, there will be one in October.) We practice and learn Self-Love in Spiritual Community and it’s a powerful healing experience. It’s a living, loving, beautiful expression of Spirit’s Love.

If you feel that you’ve been playing small in any way, I’d love to support you in breaking free of that. If you’re feeling called to do this work with me, please trust that and allow Spirit to provide what is needed so that you can answer the call you’re feeling. We can do this together!

We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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  • Related Posts:

    When Happiness Feels Elusive
    When Happiness Feels Elusive
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