Prayer Partners

March 1, 2018
Prayer Partners

Prayer is the medium of miracles.

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I’ve been offering this daily prayer since 2007. I thank you for being a prayer partner of mine and sharing this healing practice with me.

I have a weekly call with my sweet soul sisters who are also my prayer partners. We have been praying together for more than 20 years now. In that time we’ve all become Prayer Practitioners and some of us are ministers. We all love to pray.

We’ve been meeting on the phone to pray once a week for about 12 years and it is an important part of our lives and our connection with each other.

I love what A Course in Miracles says about prayer, “Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.”

Prayer is the condition, the soil that grows the miracle in our mind.

I learned a LONG time ago that prayer is my power tool! Spiritual practice, and particularly prayer, is such a time saver. ANY form of spiritual practice is a time saver.

So often, people will ask me what to do about a situation – I’ll give them a few “homework” options that help them look deeply into the situation in order to harvest the learning and embody it. So often, people resist doing that homework even though it can bring them the breakthrough they desire.

Many times people would rather work really hard to get the money to pay for someone to do something for them rather than just do it themselves. I get that.

And yet, no one can do our spiritual practice for us. We have to do that for ourself.

When people actually do the work they receive the miraculous benefits and they save SO MUCH time worrying, stressing, creating difficulties, and delaying their good. Miracles happen in our mind before we see the results in form.

All healing is at the level of the mind.

Prayer is for healing our mind. I am forever grateful that I learned how to pray effectively. Prayer is the ROCK of my life.

Be the Prayer! Be the miracle! BE it to see it!

It’s extraordinary how simple the most helpful tools can be. Prayer is a power tool to help us accelerate the healing of our mind.

Asking for assistance is different than a prayer. If you’re interested in learning more about what I share about prayer, you can check out my Prayer Power class that starts on Monday! Click here now to learn more now.

We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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