Revelation & Realization

March 13, 2018
Revelation & Realization

I found this cool wooden model for Mikey and it came with no instructions, but he figured it out - Spirit helped!

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Ernest Holmes taught us that, the only time that it takes for us to have a healing is the time that it takes for us to have a realization of truth. It’s so true!

Instead of praying for things to be different in the world, let us pray for a realization of truth so that we can REALLY change things in an everlasting way. When our mind changes for real our life changes for real. All healing IS at the level of the mind.

In my classes we talk about “proving God works.” When we experience miraculous healing at all levels, then we are proving God and we know that Spirit is at work in our lives. The miracle happens in our mind, and then we KNOW God.

We’re all capable of miraculous healing revelations and realizations. This is our natural miracle mindedness. We can learn to rely on it.

We can learn to be whole hearted rather than simply paying lip service to spiritual teachings. We can be the living, breathing demonstration of Love like Jesus was. He has told us that we shall do even more.

Let’s believe Jesus today.
Let us allow Jesus to prove God in our life today.

We are willing, Lord!

Registration closes on Wednesday: When you join us in my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp and align with others who are ROCKING their healing you’ll wonder why you waited till now!

If you need a payment plan, just ask! Register now and make this the year that changes your entire life! Click here to learn more!

In my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class we focus on truly living ACIM and we join together to bring on miraculous breakthroughs. The next Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp begins on March 14th. I’ve added some new things for you to check out! It’s truly better than ever.

Plus my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp is fun a way to get into a powerful spiritual community of like-minded souls who are committed to doing this healing work together NOW. Doing the deep work together keeps us from procrastinating and delaying our healing.

Spiritual Community is a powerful healing experience. It’s a living, loving, beautiful expression of Spirit’s Love. We are an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. To this end, I’m offering another Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive in May and my Stop Playing Small retreat right before, at the end of April. (If you can’t make this Counseling Training in May, there will be one in October.)

If you feel that you’ve been playing small in any way, I’d love to support you in breaking free of that. If you’re feeling called to do this work with me, please trust that and allow Spirit to provide what is needed so that you can answer the call you’re feeling. We can do this together!

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We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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