March 2, 2018
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With my precious goddaughter, Amelia and her mother, Renee Stahl.

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I am so grateful for the power of prayer. The power of prayer is in our mind. All healing IS at the level of the mind. I’m in Montecito, California with my precious goddaughter, Amelia, and her family. Amelia’s mom has been having intense headaches every morning for a couple of weeks, so, last night, we prayed about it before going to bed. I felt the power of the prayer.

This morning, no headaches. Thank you, Spirit!

Here’s one of the most important aspects about being a powerful prayer practitioner: recognize that not everyone is willing to receive the answered prayer. Renee was very willing to receive the answered prayer.

We didn’t pray for no pain, or no headaches.
We prayed to know that wholeness was our true nature – because God is complete, with nothing missing and nothing in opposition, and because we are of God, and part of God, it’s our nature to be whole. Wholeness is the very essence of our being!

We forget who we are because we start putting our attention on something false, such as lack and limitation, and then we start thinking we’re not good enough and then we get confused about our identity and next thing you know – our sense of wholeness is feeling farther and farther away.

With a prayer connection, we can reverse ALL of that and stand in the awareness of truth immediately. The truth is our liberator, it sets us free.

I feel it’s so important to pray with these in mind:

  • Faith that Spirit IS already bringing forth the highest and best
  • No attachments to the outcome or how it arrives
  • Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

It’s extraordinary how simple the most helpful tools can be. Prayer is a power tool to help us accelerate the healing of our mind.

Prayer has changed my life and improved the quality of every day. I say pray, and pray often. Let us all live a life of prayer without ceasing.

Asking for assistance is different than a prayer. If you’re interested in learning more about what I share about prayer, you can check out my Prayer Power class and begin right now! Click here now to learn more now.

We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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