All Healing Is In The Mind

May 14, 2018
All Healing Is In The Mind

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I had a conversation with a friend who was sharing about someone they knew who was having a major challenge with addiction. My friend said, “at some point, there’s nothing you can do.”

As a Spiritual Practitioner, Minister and teacher, I’ve worked with many people who had loved ones who intensely suffered with addiction, and illness. Together we made a powerful decision not to see the person as having any problems. Instead, we made the commitment to see them as they truly are: perfect. As a result, permanent, and miraculous healing happened. Spirit does not fail. Sometimes we give up, or get distracted, but Spirit does not fail.

We are pure Spirit, pure Light. It’s not possible to affix anything to light. Light is vibrating much too fast for anyone to attach anything to it. We can cover light, and we can filter it, but we cannot make it be anything other than light. We cannot make light impure.

When we’re willing to see each other as Light then we’re seeing the truth of each other and this is profoundly helpful and healing. It can be intensely challenging to see others as pure Light without projecting our opinions and judgments onto them, but when we’re willing, it’s life-changing.

It’s our spiritual responsibility to see each other as perfect Light Beings and not to agree with the projections and appearances of dysfunction. We can be practical and deal with the circumstances while still holding the vision of each other’s perfection. In this way, we’re able to be in the world, but not of it. We can be a powerful healing presence in the life of everyone around us.

It takes mental, emotional and spiritual discipline to see the perfection in all. Isn’t that what we’d like to be able to do? Isn’t it our life purpose?

When we can see it in our mind, then it can manifest in form. Everything begins at the level of the mind, so let’s start there and practice seeing the perfection in all.

We’re designed to be like light houses, broadcasting the Light of Love in each moment. When we’re engaged in our true purpose we feel great. We can do this all day long and bring benefit everywhere we go. When we see the perfection, we see the truth, and we’re in the flow of Love. That’s when the healing is happening!

We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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