Angels Help So Much!

May 26, 2018
Angels Help So Much!

Here’s part of my Mom’s garden in its former glory.

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This past two weeks I’ve had a second full time job – in addition to being the President of this Ministry, lead teacher and facilitator, spiritual counselor, etc. I’ve been preparing my families gardens for growing season.

Our family home is on Deer Isle in Maine and we rent it in order to be able to keep it in the family. I really enjoy being able to work with nature to create this beautiful environment around the home. It’s such a beautiful and unique place and the gardens were languishing after my mom got sick in 2005. More than ten years of very little maintenance and so there’s a lot to do every year to bring things back, transplant, etc. So much to do!

I love doing it because I love being outside most of the day. I love getting away from the wi-fi and being able to get the negative ions found in nature. It’s especially invigorating where we are on the island. We’re right on the shore, on an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, on a cleared patch in the woods.

I’m such a creative person and for the 9 days I was there working I kept thinking of new things to do to make the many areas more beautiful. Plus, gardening is so new to me, I’m learning so much. It’s fun!

And yet, I’ve had so much to do, and a deadline because of renters coming, that it started to feel really stressful yesterday. Of course, I did it to myself because I also had planned an 8 hour drive to Vermont (I arrived at midnight, which is why I’m writing this in the morning.)

I called upon the angels to help me yesterday. To help me with everything in the house, outside the house, and in staying safe and happy during my drive to Vermont. (I pretty much sang along with my Cd’s the last three hours – that’s a great way to keep awake and have fun too!)

I got so much assistance yesterday. The stress left and I felt lifted and carried. I received as much as I would allow.

All is well, if only we would allow ourselves to know it. I give so much gratitude to the angels surrounding us all of the time. Available to help us all of the time.

Let’s not leave the angels unemployed. Call upon them throughout the day to help you and you’ll be AMAZED at how much they help. Don’t ask them to do what you think is best, instead, just ask them to help. They know better because they can see through all directions of time and space. Just let them go for it! Get out of their way by releasing any sense of need to them.

We never have to go it alone. We live in a field of infinite support.

ANYTHING, and I do mean anything, that bothers you, give it up to the angels to help bring the highest and best results. The highest and best for anyone is the highest and best for all because we’re one. Let’s make ourselves more receptive by asking for assistance and ALLOWING it to be given.

Yay, Angels! Thank you God for the angels all around us. We are SO VERY BLESSED!

Teacher Trainings – We’re almost there! I’m getting ready to announce three new trainings for those who are interested in professional training for your spiritual expansion. These three events are going to be co-led by Jon Mundy. Registration information is coming early next week!

Training #1 – Inspirational Writing
Thursday August 16 to Sunday 19th
3 nights

Training #2 – Leading/Creating A Workshop –
Includes how to lead my Forgive & Be Free Workshop
Sunday August 19th to Thursday 23rd
4 nights

Training #3 – Inspired Speaking – Giving An Inspiring Talk
Thursday August 23 to Sunday 26th
3 nights

All three consecutive events will be held at The Time Hotel in Nyack, NY, a mere 45 minutes from either midtown Manhattan or Laguardia airport. Click here for more info about The Time Hotel.

Come for 1, 2 or 3 of these professional trainings. Power of Love Ministry is developing a ministerial/teacher training and these are part of the curriculum for that training. Registration information is coming very soon!

We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

If you find what I’m sharing helpful, won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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