Receiving Spirit’s Guidance

June 24, 2018
Receiving Spirit’s Guidance

I am sooooo grateful to receive divine guidance and inspiration

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Maybe you’re like me, I used to read things that said, “When you heal the mind, the world of form, experience, relationships, finances, health and wealth WILL follow.”

And I’d think:  Ok, I believe it.  But HOW????????

Where is the part where they tell me HOW???

I used to think, “I need some real help here because I’m studying this spiritual stuff for MANY years and I still feel like a fake and a failure!”

Fortunately I was praying all the time, the answer started to come to me.
I know that’s the reason why. I just kept praying.

I finally realized that I needed to stop asking the wrong question.
Questions like:

What’s wrong with me?
Why doesn’t it work for me?
Why can’t I get this?
What’s my problem?
How come this is easier for everyone else?
I’m I just fundamentally messed up?

And those are just some of the UN-helpful questions I was asking ALL DAY LONG! UGH!!!

As God would have it, because of the prayer I was constantly doing, I had a realization that I was asking the wrong question, and

I’ll be totally honest … I wasn’t as willing as I thought I was.

Prayer works!

Two things happened. First, because I just couldn’t stand it anymore, I made a decision:

I decided to put all of my eggs in the God basket.
I decided to go ALL IN.

Once I did that I had another realization:

I started asking for results.

Ask and it is given. Pretty simple. Duh.

I started asking:
Show me how.
Tell me how.
Help me to see only the how and nothing else!

Everything began to rapidly change for me.

I stopped feeling stuck and started gaining momentum because I was given a series of things to do and I did them. It wasn’t a picnic, it wasn’t easy.

Spirit didn’t say,”you go binge watch the West Wing on netflix, I’ve got this handled.”

It was NOT easy. It required me to become more and more willing to follow the guidance, the steps, the exercises, in order to have the healing.

Let me just say that before this, FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE, I had such a strong belief that I’d be free WHEN … [fill in the blank] happens. It’s easy to be convinced that freedom is conditional. After all, that’s what the world teaches – even though it’s not true. In fact, nothing could be further from the Truth.

Freedom is a spiritual quality – infinite and eternal. It’s ours already.

First, I had to be willing to get out of the cage of believing that my happiness was conditional.
I just had to be TRULY willing.

I was utterly convinced that my feeling free and happy were completely tied to what was happening in the world, in my life, in my home, in my family, in my finances, in my body and in my job. I had not a single clue HOW to get to the Freedom in my mind.

And reading spiritual books didn’t get me much closer.
In fact, it made me feel MORE like a failure.

After all, I had all this information telling me that healing is at the level of the mind and yet my mind wasn’t healing.

Sound familiar?What I did immediately, was I began to share it with others. I wrote it down and I thought about how I could share what was working for me in a way that would be helpful to others.

I’ll be honest, it’s been a lot of work for me. I keep working at making it easier for people. I keep asking Spirit to show me how to be MORE helpful, and to be more clear. Every day. That’s my job. And I LOVE it.

I found happiness and I found Freedom and everything, everything, everything in my life has changed for the better. There’s not one thing in my life that hasn’t improved. I’m just really discovering that as I write it down.

And this is exactly why I’ve been inspired to share what has miraculously worked for me. I say miraculously because that’s what A Course in Miracles tells us – the miracles happen at the level of the mind FIRST and then we see the miraculous shift in our world.

That’s why I’m committed to PROVING God works in my life – because our minds are joined, when one can do it, all are lifted. We can all FEEL the Freedom that is ours, by inheritance.

I encourage you to start asking for help to see, know, feel, and hear clearly the wisdom that is yours to receive. It’s already there in each one of us. The kingdom IS within. It has always been there. Spirit will show us if we are asking for it.

But we cannot ask for insight and wisdom and also spend a great deal of time affirming what is false!

This is precisely why I was led to create my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class for folks who were willing to make some changes in their thinking.

I keep being led and guided to share more and more because I keep asking. Every day. I ask Spirit to show me the how.

Fear can paralyze us from doing anything and I know that all too well. I shared simple tips for getting out of fear this past week on my weekly A Course in Miracles weekly Radio Show, the topic was Fear Buster. (FYI, you can search through the archive for episodes on whatever topic you’re interested in.)

Are you interested in stepping up your game and sharing your talents? Would you like to inspire others?

Jon Mundy and I are offering minister & teacher training retreats in August. If you’d like to learn about these trainings in inspirational writing, teaching and speaking, click here for more information. These retreats are open to anyone who’d like to build their skills AND do some deep spiritual healing of patterns of unworthiness!

There’s so much healing that happens when we intend to share our Light with others! When others rise and shine, it’s my answered prayer!

What I know, with every fiber of my being, is that Spirit cannot fail. Only the ego experiences failure. Let’s let go of the very idea of failure. It is a false belief that has no power of its own without our investment in it. We choose Freedom today!

If you haven’t taken my survey about your interests and you think you might be interested in our teacher trainings and spiritual counselor trainings, please click here now and take 30 seconds to answer my survey. Next week, I’m starting my summer Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp. People are experiencing a lot of fear right now. And so I’ve dropped the price and added a really nice bonus in order to encourage more people to take the plunge and be ALL IN for Spirit and to STOP giving their power to false beliefs.

We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

If you find what I’m sharing helpful, won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!


If you’d like to hear more on this topic from A Course in Miracles perspective, click here now to listen to or download my radio show episode: Getting the Guidance.  You can also get the transcript there.

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