Courage to awaken!

July 1, 2018
Courage to awaken!

Rooted in God, we have the courage to love more easily!

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In order for any of us to actually awaken to our true identity as perfect Love we have to be willing to bravely look within … and take out the trash!  It’s so life-changing when we can stop identifying with the trash thoughts we’ve collected and actually give them to Spirit for healing.

It takes courage to look above the battleground of our stinkin’ thinkin’ and hold a vision of Love for our lives.

One of the things I love so much about A Course in Miracles is that it tells us, “You want to be happy. You want peace.  You do not have them now, because your mind is totally undisciplined, and you cannot distinguish between joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, love and fear.  You are now learning how to tell them apart.  And great indeed will be your reward.  Your decision to see is all that vision requires.  What you want is yours.  Do not mistake the little effort that is asked of you for an indication that our goal is of little worth.”  Lesson 20  I am determined to see.

It’s hard to believe that such a great reward comes from the decision to have vision, yet the decision is required. I meet so many people who believe, often in secret, that they don’t have what it takes to be happy, successful, loving, and Joy-full.  Their secret belief is running their life.  They don’t even see that they can decide to have a different life.

Admitting it to ourselves is a big first step.  It’s like with being addicted to something.  A first step in healing is to admit that you are feeling out of control and addicted.  Admitting that your thoughts and behaviors are compulsive and you feel unable to stop yourself opens the door to the possibility of healing.  Without that willingness to look at the shadow, we can stay stuck for a very long time.

A Course in Miracles tells us that it’s a mind-training system to help us recognize that where there’s a shadow, there’s something in our mind that’s blocking the light, and we can give it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self to do the heavy lifting.  But if we won’t admit to ourselves that we’ve got this challenge, will we ever actually be available to the healing?  Will we be stuck for lifetimes looking at the darkness instead of the light?

Realizing “I’m not the only one” is one of the major aha’s that people have in this community.  They start to realize that many people feel the way they do, and have the same perceptions.  

And some of them are willing to go first to share, to heal, to change their minds.  

That’s spiritual leadership.

There was a long period in my life where I felt helpless and hopeless a lot of the time, but I couldn’t admit it to anyone.  I buried it deep because I so firmly believed it was completely impossible to have a healing.  Fortunately, it felt so awful, I couldn’t take it anymore and I finally decided to stop depending on my own strength to heal and I invoked the Higher Holy Spirit Self to do the heavy lifting.  I made the decision to stop punishing myself and go for it.

Now, every day I connect with someone who is feeling deeply challenged and looking to find the courage to not give up and they’re reaching out to me.  And almost every day I hear from someone who has found the courage to choose a new thought and they’re having a miraculous healing.  And we’re all one, all on the same journey.

We know we’re not open to healing when we blame anyone else for how we feel.  We are a closed door, like a bank vault hiding a treasure, when we’re blaming and complaining.  There’s no healing happening until we’re willing to take responsibility.  Taking responsibility for the way we feel, the mess we made, the things we did and said – 100% responsibility with 0% blame is often an act of bravery so potent that it will literally begin to transform our life onto a path of healing that is miraculous.  I see it all the time.  

One of the great privileges I have in this ministry is that I get to have 1 on 1 conversations with the brave souls who are in our classes and trainings.  I’ve been talking with many of them lately and I am so inspired by their courage, their healing and their progress.  

On the surface, it might not seem as though it takes much bravery to participate in a spiritual class, but anyone on the awakening path knows that there are times, every day, when we’re given the opportunity to make a loving choice and it doesn’t feel comfortable.  Together we, as a community, make a commitment to relinquish our judgments and opinions, our criticisms and complaints, in order to speak honestly and openly.  

In our programs, as part of our healing we give each other the space to say how we REALLY feel and share what we’re REALLY going through and not put some kind of glossy spiritual spin on it pretending to convince ourselves it’s all good when we don’t really believe it.  

It’s healing when we choose to keep it real with each other.  

And that’s what Love is.  

Love is real.

We’re practicing our holy relationships, intimate relationships, healing relationships with each other in a safe space without judgment so we can take the training wheels off in our relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

We just started a new group in my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class and people are already realizing that they’re going to need to have some courage to do this work of miraculous healing.  Doing it together is so much easier and that’s why I love when we can gather in a circle in any way shape or form.  Being the two or more who are gathered gives us the opportunity to realize we’re not the only ones who feel the way we do.

If you’ve been a hoarder of complaints, opinions, judgments and criticism along with a collection of resentments and regrets that you’re now ready to get rid of, stop thinking that you have to do it yourself, because you really cannot do it that way.  Give it to Spirit and be willing to be willing to have a healing.  

Your demonstration of willingness is an act of courage.  There’s no big or small about it.  The tiniest bit of willingness is an act of courage.  #IHavetheCouragetoGoForIt!  

Just saying “yes” to healing is an act of courage.  Be willing to tell Spirit each day “I AM willing to have a healing” and see what Spirit provides.  Have the courage to accept and allow the healing.  I’m consistently amazed at the active bravery of spiritual students who are willing to look within, face their perceptions and release them to be healed!

Whenever you’re feeling upset in anyway, it’s your golden opportunity to choose healing.  Have the courage to go for it – be willing to allow a pause before you choose.  Your willingness lifts us all.  All boats rise on this tide of Love.

Fear can paralyze us from doing anything and I know that all too well.  I shared simple tips for getting out of fear this past week on my weekly A Course in Miracles weekly Radio Show, the topic was Staying Connected With Spirit. When we stay connected with Spirit, we’re in our loving heart and we’re naturally courageous.  (FYI, you can search through the archive for episodes on whatever topic you’re interested in.)

Are you interested in stepping up your game and sharing your talents?  Would you like to inspire others?

Jon Mundy and I are offering minister & teacher training retreats in August.  If you’d like to learn about these trainings in inspirational writing, teaching and speaking, click here for more information.  These retreats are open to anyone who’d like to build their skills AND do some deep spiritual healing of patterns of unworthiness!

There’s so much healing that happens when we intend to share our Light with others!  When others rise and shine, it’s my answered prayer!

What I know, with every fiber of my being, is that Spirit cannot fail.  Only the ego experiences failure.  Let’s let go of the very idea of failure.  It is a false belief that has no power of its own without our investment in it.  We choose Freedom today!

Please pray with me!  Prayer works!  Joining together in prayer for our healing, for the active practice of joining with Spirit, and allowing my healing is precisely why every day I write inspiration and record a prayer to go with it.  You can join me today and every day in cultivating the willingness that raises us ALL up so we can be truly helpful in this world. 

Would you like to share your gifts and talents with more authenticity and confidence?  Are you ready to stop playing small and stop waiting for the perfect moment to shine your light?

Three new trainings co-led by me and Jon Mundy.  There are a few days left for Early Bird Pricing & Payment plans!

Training #1 – Inspirational Writing
Thursday August 16 to Sunday 19th
3 nights

Training #2 – Leading/Creating A Workshop –
Includes how to lead my Forgive & Be Free Workshop
Sunday August 19th to Thursday 23rd
4 nights

Training #3 – Inspired Speaking – Giving An Inspiring Talk
Thursday August 23 to Sunday 26th 
3 nights

All three consecutive events will be held at Scottsdale Plaza Resort, in Scottsdale Arizona, right next to Phoenix. Click here for more info and registration!

Come for 1, 2 or 3 of these professional trainings.  Power of Love Ministry is developing a ministerial/teacher training and these are part of the curriculum for that training.  

We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God.  We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts.  I’m so grateful for this!

If you find what I’m sharing helpful, won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!


If you’d like to hear more on this topic from A Course in Miracles perspective, click here now to listen to or download my radio show episode: Fastest Path of Awakening.  You can also get the transcript there.

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