Cure for Early Morning Anxiety

August 2, 2018
Cure for Early Morning Anxiety

I AM so grateful that we can heal the anxiety back to the root cause FOREVER!

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Sometimes the perfect thing arrives at the perfect time. I’m so grateful that my dear friend, author Corinne Zupko can show us exactly how to transform this anxiety and use it for our GOOD. What a blessing to share!

Corinne cracked the early morning anxiety code because she, like me, has completely dedicated herself to living A Course in Miracles. She consistently wakes up in a state of peace, instead of how she used to, which was in the throes of gripping early morning anxiety.

Having been a spiritual counselor for 18 years and a minister for 11, I’ve counseled so many folks who REALLY are coping with early morning anxiety – it’s much more common than you might think.

I promise you, you are SO not alone! That’s why I have to let you know about this upcoming FREE class that my friend, Corinne Zupko gave us the other day!

There were times I used to wake up in the morning feeling anxious for no apparent reason. Ugh. Can you relate?

Sometimes I’d wake up with a jolt of anxiety that would rip right through me – what a way to start the day! Can you relate?

Do you ever wake up with an overwhelming feeling of tightness in your chest? And you immediately reach for something to distract yourself from it? UGH!!!

When we wake up in this high state of fear, it can be really tempting to forget our spiritual practice and instead, find ways to push through the anxiety and numb it with caffeine and food and social media. After all, experiencing high anxiety can make something like a meditation practice feel excruciatingly painful.

Yet, here’s an opportunity to work WITH early morning anxiety and use it for GOOD. How? By allowing it to teach us and open our minds to a greater spiritual awareness that we didn’t know was there! Doesn’t that sound so much better?

In her free class – which you can still register for – Corrinne shared some very practical and FUN strategies that you can implement right away, so you too, can move through and heal early morning anxiety, and wake up feeling at peace, feeling happy, feeling so so good!

Your mornings can determine the kind of day you will have. Imagine the kind of day, the kind of LIFE you can have when you actually wake up in a state of peace and joy, instead of anxiety and fear? This isn’t some BS thing that won’t work for you – that’s the thing about truly LIVING A Course in Miracles.

I really love Corinne’s approach to this, because it is all about getting grounded in God and releasing unconscious guilt and fear. It’s the practical application of ACIM in such a helpful way!

In Corinne’s free class she offers all these great insights:

The #1 mistake people make when trying to deal with early morning anxiety
The best thing you can do every morning and night to set your mind up for peace and joy
How to identify your divine “Spiritual Dream Team” for rapid healing
How to make a “Grounding Board” (it’s like a vision board but solely focused on your “spiritual dream team” and the miracles they are waiting to give you)

Let me be clear here – Corinne is the REAL DEAL. She’s a friend. I hang out with her. I LOVE her and I know her to have really done the work, had the insights, and she’s here to share it with us as a gift.

Be prepared to take notes! The replay will be available but only if you register for the FREE class.

You’ve got nothing to lose but fear. Woo hoo! Let’s do this!

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We’re not meant to live in fear – which is why fear and anxiety are an alarm bell letting us know that we can course correct NOW!

We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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If you’d like to hear more on this topic from A Course in Miracles perspective, click here now to listen to or download my radio show episode: Corinne Zupko–From Anxiety to Love . You can also get the transcript there.

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