Energy Is Building!

August 22, 2018
Energy Is Building!

Jon Mundy and I are leading the Teacher Trainings and he’s been using the ACIM app to look up quotes - I love it! to get your free app!

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I first started leading workshops and retreats back in 1997. Twenty one years ago. I just jumped in and started doing it. I was so eager to share what I was learning I felt compelled to connect with others. For me, sharing what I was learning was fun. It was playing. And it still is.

I’m in Arizona with a group of AMAZING people who are jumping into a higher level to learning, sharing and teaching and it’s SO exciting to play with them!

I am ever so grateful that I keep saying yes to my guidance, and profoundly blessed and grateful that others are saying yes too.

I have gotten a clear message from Spirit to offer the minister and teacher trainings, and to encourage those in the Spiritual Counseling Certification Program opportunities to build their skills and to teach classes. There’s so much they can share and there are so many more topics to be covered than I can possibly cover.

Today, Corinne Zupko is having the 2nd week of her Healing Anxiety class. (You can still jump in with her and begin now.) Jon Mundy will teach another class or two in the fall. I’m getting ready to offer Finding Freedom from Fear again in 2 weeks and more.

I’ve been profoundly inspired by people’s sharing lately. There’s SO MUCH healing that’s happening as people’s willingness is more and more increased.

In the comments section below, please let me know where you’re increasing your willingness? I’m more and more willing to simply ONLY follow Spirit’s guidance and let all the rest go.

It’s exciting! The healing energy is building and it’s palpable!

I’ve got a great class planned for tomorrow – come and join me! Please come live, and please bring your questions!

FREE CLASS TOMORROW: There’s no charge to participate – class is on Thursday and if it calls to you, please join us and bring a friend who might like to discuss it with you! We’re choosing healing TOGETHER!

Remembering to Love
How to Choose Love Rather than Punishment & Self-medication
Thursday, August 23
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Ready to Make A Leap?
If you feel as though you’ve been playing small, but would like to share your gifts and talents you may be interested in some of the professional trainings I’m offering. If you have self-doubt you’d like to transform so that you can share from Spirit and inspire others check out what we’re up to.

In October, I’m offering my Forgive & Be Free Retreat and also my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive – both are open to anyone, and many people like to combine them for maximum transformation.

TODAY is my Sacred Circle day! This is my monthly membership program that gives you a weekly call of group spiritual counseling. Join my Sacred Circle and you can ask me any question you would like on the phone, on line or in writing! I love it! We have an awesome group of people who are doing the deep work! Try my Sacred Circle for a month and see! 4 spiritual counseling calls with me each month – ask me any question! Join me live or get the download later.

We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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