Happy Full Moon!

August 26, 2018

Happy full moon harvest and release!

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Happy Full Moon!

Full moon is a traditional time of harvesting the learning from the lessons – and we’re actually in a harvest time here in the United States. We can witness the harvest on all levels – internally and externally.

Full moon is also a time for us to release that which no longer serves and allow for the expansion and clarity to come forth. We can see that happening on all levels too – internally and externally.

Jon Mundy and I are finishing up the last day of the Teacher & Minister Trainings and it’s been a huge success. It’s always a great joy to be able to watch people let the blocks to Love go right in front of our eyes. I feel so blessed and fulfilled to be able to do this work with others.

As you may know, for a long, long time, I was blocking my own guidance. Standing in the way of my own happiness and it felt so frustrating.

I’ve learned that this is one of the most common experiences people have. Folks ask me all the time “how do I make decisions? How do I know what’s guidance? How can I hear guidance more clearly?” People ask me this SO OFTEN.

Being able to make clear decisions from clear guidance is a huge relief – I know that now, and I remember how confused I used to feel. I didn’t feel confident making decisions and my ego often led me down a path of pain.

Even as a teenager I was aware that there was a “voice” that was guiding me and leading me to more loving choices, but most of the time I wasn’t able to follow it and that just made me feel more wrong and more bad.

What I’ve felt, seen and known over the last two decades, is my intuition becoming clearer and clearer. I’ve been a witness to the opening of my intuition as I’ve let go of the mean, judgmental, critical, manipulative and unkind thoughts.

Once I made the decision to be ALL IN for Love, that’s when I really began to feel guided. Of course, very active practice of forgiveness that I began when I started studying A Course in Miracles was a turbo charging of my awakening intuition and insight. It also was SUPER challenging to my ego and I had so much resistance and reluctance.

Sometimes the resistance came in the form of what felt like non-stop judgments.

Sometimes the reluctance to choose Love felt like I was compulsively criticizing, blaming and attacking with little ability to make it stop.

Many times I would get down on my knees and pray to let go of the attack thoughts and the attack behavior, mostly self-inflicted self-sabotage and self-medication.

It was in the most intense times of ego-confrontation that I struggled and it felt SO HARD.

Now, that struggle is over. I still have resistance and reluctance, but it’s not difficult to deal with and it doesn’t ever feel painful. I feel this tremendous willingness most of the time.

And the “reward” is that my intuition is stronger and clearer all the time. I feel more in the flow of Love and in tune with the “inner knower who knows” and there’s great Peace that comes with it. I’ve been living in mostly Peace for the last ten years and it’s been worth all that I had to go through to remove the blocks to it.

The Peace of God is our natural state. It’s our inheritance.
It’s right there underneath all the judgments that are the blocks to Love.

For so, so long I resisted following my guidance. I was so reluctant to take even the most basic steps I knew to do. And that’s why I focus almost my entire energy now on supporting people who feel stuck playing small, living in the shadow, NOT following their guidance, resistant, reluctant and feeling worn down, sick, and tired as a result of the constant recycling of ego thoughts.

It’s such a huge relief to be in the flow of Love after fighting it and feeling unworthy for so long. It’s such a huge relief to be ourselves and to never feel bad and wrong anymore. Remembering to Love is the way we get there.

With this full moon energy right now, let’s release the blocks to Love, known and unknown, and harvest the learning from all of our choices. Let’s move forward with more clarity.

FREE CLASS DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW: For this purpose of clearing and making healthier choices, I offered a wonderful class last week to help get clear about how to let go and return to Peace. There’s no charge for this class – it’s my gift. It was powerful! People had great questions and clarity came through!

Remembering to Love
How to Choose Love Rather than
Punishment & Self-medication

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My A Course in Miracles weekly Radio Show episode from this past week was about Feeling Like A Fake and it might be of interest to you. FYI, you can search through the archive for episodes on whatever topic you’re interested in such as relationships, healing, etc.

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We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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