Live Your Calling, Part 2

August 16, 2018
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Live Your Calling, Part 2

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Part 1: Live Your Calling
Part 2: (You Are Here) Live Your Calling, Part 2

This is part 2 of a 3-part series. Click here to read part 1.

When I was first learning to be a Spiritual Counselor, I went into the Agape Practitioner training only because I didn’t know another better path to deepen my spiritual connection.

I felt such a yearning to know myself as pure Spirit and to transform all the negativity in my life.

I had absolutely no intention to actually counsel anyone.

In fact, I felt strongly that the LAST thing I was interested in was listening to people’s problems.

LOL! I have to laugh about that now, because I LOVE supporting people in living their best lives.

Before I started the Practitioner Training, I made this promise to God:
if people asked me to counsel them, I would say yes, but I wasn’t going to pursue it as a career.

Then, while I was still in the training, people started asking me if I could begin counseling them, and I had to keep my promise.

I had no idea how uplifting and inspiring it could be to sit with people as a spiritual counselor! I loved it then and I still do – it’s an honor to participate in other people’s healing.

My experience of sitting with clients and counseling them has been deeply healing for both of us.

That’s how it works when two or more are gathered in the name of Love for the purpose of remembering the truth.

Many people don’t feel worthy of actually being a counselor or a minister because they know they have their own shortcomings that they’re judging. They fear someone coming to them for help when they don’t have everything in their life already figured out and working perfectly.

It’s interesting, God always manages to send us the client that’s perfect for us to help AND to learn from. And it’s okay to learn from our clients. Our clients will help us to heal our own heart and mind just as you help them – and that’s a perfect divine arrangement.

I learned that success comes naturally as long as your motivation is to be of service and share the Love without giving in order to get something in return. If all I want is to feel better about myself because I’m such a great giver, or if all I want is to earn a living, then I’m going to have a painful road of learning because my motivation is pure ego.

When the motivation is to get something, when we see our clients as a means to an end, or we see them as our financial source, then we’re no longer in the flow of Love and we can feel the restriction of our limited thinking reflected in our clients.

Our clients don’t come to us to validate us. They come because Spirit has arranged for you to be the two or more who are gathered in order to have a healing for both of you. You’re there to serve your client and to heal your own heart and mind – both are true. You don’t have to feel like you have nothing left to heal in order to be a healing presence.

People block the flow and they don’t even know it.

I’d like to be clear, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive – being able to receive is essential.

There’s only one place to receive from and that’s Spirit. We have to be able to receive Spirit’s guidance, insight, inspiration, support, and abundance in order to help anyone else. Being an excellent receiver is absolutely critical to being able to be helpful to others. Be willing to receive all that Spirit can give you – for the benefit of all. Be willing to BE an inspiration.

Many spiritual students are not good receivers and that’s part of why they’re struggling to be successful – both spiritually and financially – and they don’t even know it, because they think that giving is better than receiving, but it’s not.

To be a great receiver, you’ve got to have some genuine humility. Without humility, the door to spiritual expansion is closed. Humility is recognizing that no one is better or worse than anyone else because all is one. You’re not better than your client, so why judge them?

The old paradigm model of the spiritual teacher who has taken a vow of poverty is no longer helpful – we’ve learned all we can from that way of thinking. It’s extremely important that spiritual students demonstrate that being in the flow of abundance IS spiritual so that we can be an inspiration in this world. That’s what we’re designed to be – and failing at that is truly painful.

Abundance and Prosperity are spiritual qualities. Hoarding is not spiritual. Giving to people in order to get them to validate you isn’t loving, it’s manipulative – and it just reinforces that you believe you don’t deserve Love.

Being in the flow of Prosperity is the natural order of things. It’s unnatural to live in lack and limitation. It’s egotistical to block the flow.

One of the issues that many spiritual counselors have is that they judge their clients and they judge themselves. The judger always feels judged.

When you judge your clients, the very people you’re supposed to be helping, then you feel out of integrity and you don’t feel worthy of expanding into being more successful and helping more people.

But this is a natural part of healing your own mind so you can be of greater service. Rather than judge yourself for being a judger, have Self-compassion and commit to seeing everyone in your life for their amazing and unique Beauty. Each one’s beauty is there if we’re willing to see it.

Belief in unworthiness is THE main thing that people go to therapists, coaches, ministers and teachers for help with. When the therapist, coach, minister and teacher feels unworthy too, it’s a challenging situation.

It’s difficult to help our client feel worthy if we don’t feel worthy, but fortunately, we can really shift that, open our heart, change our mind and be a passionate, inspired example to our clients.

One of my great passions is to support people in eliminating worthiness issues so that people can live their calling, help more people, be more prosperous and share their gifts and talents in ways that are profoundly healing to themselves and others.

I’m committed to helping you stop playing small and live your calling if that’s what YOU are interested in. That’s my passion.

I’ve worked with so many people who felt ashamed, stuck, afraid, and incompetent who have been able to rise to share their gifts and talents with people in profound ways. Healing is actually much easier than people think! We really can experience miracles – no matter how challenged we feel.

I’d like to help you succeed and share your success with others, inspiring them to share their gifts and talents too!

This email is Part 2 of a 3 part series. You can read part 1 click here now. Tomorrow I’ll share some more insights about living your calling and having a breakthrough to truly share your gifts and talents – to finally take the lid off and stop playing small!

This blog is Part 2 of a 3 part series. Stay tuned for part 3 tomorrow.

If you’re tired of playing small, and you’re interested in having a breakthrough in living your calling, helping more people and opening up the flow of prosperity, stay tuned to my blog tomorrow!

Ready to Make A Leap?
If you feel as though you’ve been playing small, but would like to share your gifts and talents you may be interested in some of the professional trainings I’m offering. If you have self-doubt you’d like to transform so that you can share from Spirit and inspire others check out what we’re up to.

In October, I’m offering my Forgive & Be Free Retreat and also my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive – both are open to anyone, and many people like to combine them for maximum transformation.

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We’re an expanding global spiritual community of prayerful people willing to be co-workers with God. We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this!

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Part 1: Live Your Calling
Part 2: (You Are Here) Live Your Calling, Part 2

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