Negative Vows

August 1, 2018
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Negative Vows

I am choosing Peace of mind over opinions and labels!

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In class yesterday we were talking about negative vows that we made in this life or a past life that we don’t even recall. Sometimes these ancient vows are still running in the background.

Example: someone who, perhaps, in a previous incarnation had taken a vow of poverty or chastity and it’s still operating in their life, unbeknownst to them!

I know that I was a Catholic ecclesiastic in many lifetimes. And many times had taken those vows that I now realize were ego vows of negativity because of the way I held them in my mind. I saw that they were still operating in my life and I prayed to release myself from all negative vows.

These negative vows can take many expressions and be like a software running in the background and taking up a lot of bandwidth that we don’t even have a conscious awareness of.

Sometimes our Higher Holy Spirit Self is trying to get our attention on these false beliefs and to address them – and we just don’t want to look at it, so we choose managing and coping instead.

I see this with many light workers, like myself. I used to have so many prosperity issues for decades and I finally healed them through active self-forgiveness.

Many have taken on the labeling and declarations of others such as:

You’re stupid, you’re an idiot, you’ll never amount to anything, you’re pathetic and more. We can take on these labels, and sometimes it’s almost like someone has cast a spell on us because we agree.

People tell me stories like this on a regular basis – “that runs in my family,” or “it’s all part of getting older.”

Someone asked me how I’d avoided having any significant illness and I said “I just don’t wish to agree to it.”

There’s so much that we take on that’s optional.
We don’t have to figure out how to release it.
We give it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and let Spirit do it.
Spirit knows the way.
Our willingness to give it away is the only thing that’s required!
Let’s go for it!

Write a note in the comments below – what vows or labels are you giving to the Spirit for healing?

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