August 27, 2018

Making loving choices brings me Peace of mind for which I am eternally grateful!

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You’re probably pretty familiar with the idea of “just say no to drugs,” that campaign that I associate with Nancy Reagan. Well, what about “just say yes to Love?”

For me, really focusing on LOOKING for the loving choices in my life came from my decision to have a personal practice of nonviolence. Back in 1997, I was inspired by the lives of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and by Mahatma Gandhi, and I began my personal practice of nonviolence.

What that entailed was my becoming super mindful of every choice that I was making. This was many years before I began to study A Course in Miracles, but it had much the same effect. I began writing daily inspiration as an outgrowth of my personal practice of nonviolence.

By looking at each and every choice as being either loving or unloving, I began to have a major shift in my view of myself, my life, and my experiences.

Practicing nonviolence is practicing Love. It was deeply healing and it was rather simple to identify whether or not choices were loving or unloving. I quickly began to see that it was all about my frame of mind. The same action could be loving or unloving depending upon my intention and that was fascinating to me.

I began to understand my personal power at a whole new level of clarity.

By focusing on looking for the loving choices, rather than focusing on what was wrong, bad and unloving, I began to dramatically increase the amount of Love and Light in my life.

Focusing on the opportunities to choose Love was so much easier than focusing on what I was doing that was unloving and unkind.

By making so many more loving choices, I began to experience MUCH more Love in my life and I began to experience the healing of my mind at a rapid rate.

That’s really what laid the foundation for my Finding Freedom from Fear Spiritual Bootcamp class. Once I began to study A Course in Miracles, I began to have even more clarity about the power of loving choices.

Practicing nonviolence isn’t rocket science, and it’s not painful. It’s liberating and it’s joy-full.

Amazing grace is what I found through this personal practice of being loving. I found the freedom from fear that I was looking for and I’m so grateful that it continues to reveal and unfold in the most amazing ways no matter what’s happening in my life. Yay, God!

FREE CLASS DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW: For this purpose of clearing and making healthier choices, I offered a wonderful class last week to help get clear about how to let go and return to Peace. There’s no charge for this class – it’s my gift. It was powerful! People had great questions and clarity came through!

Remembering to Love
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