August 31, 2018

We pray for the truth to be revealed in our hearts and minds and in the hearts and minds of all.

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A Course in Miracles tells us that we have made up a story about ourselves and life and then we forgot to laugh at the fiction of it. I’ve certainly made up stories about myself and others, convinced myself that they were true and then forgot to laugh, and instead decided to cry a river of tears for years. Yes, I have done that.

ACIM says: Pain is a wrong perspective.

Don’t I know it! Sheesh!

What I’ve learned, and become EXTREMELY grateful for is recognizing that the truth really is the thing that liberates us from all pain and suffering.

If we’d like to FEEL free and find the spiritual quality of Freedom that already exists as part of our true nature we absolutely must give up reviewing and renewing our attachment to our interpretations of the past.

It’s really the only way to return to Love and happiness.

I talk with many people who are disturbed by things in this world from their family relationships, their health, politics, finances, work and all manner of other upsets. When people start praying for the truth to be revealed things shift.

When we value the truth, we learn that Love and truth are really synonymous. They are the same. We cannot have truth without Love and we cannot have Love without truth. They go together.

Over and over again, I’ve witnessed how effective it is to pray for the truth to be revealed and known to all. Relationships have transformed. Healing has happened. And I see the healing occurring in the world as I keep my focus on the truth being revealed. Faster and faster, that which is false falls away.

It’s ALWAYS more helpful to pray for truth to be revealed than to attack those who deceive and who have their own personal versions of the truth that bolster their perspective.

I pray for the truth to be revealed in my heart and mind every day.

Every day I pray for the truth to be revealed in ALL hearts and minds.

Every day I pray for the truth to be revealed wherever people are valuing their story, their interpretation, their point of view and their agenda of manipulation, control and personal gain.

We are one. Let us not pray ONLY for our own personal healing and those we love, let’s open ourselves to a greater understanding of the oneness and unity of all life. In this lies our healing and revealing of truth.

I really didn’t think I’d be able to get to the place I am now. The main turning point for me was when I made the decision to focus on discovering the truth through my spiritual practice. I became very willing to give up my attachments to the meaning I made of everything.

Through forgiveness I’ve learned to let go of that particular kind of suffering that comes from believing my own version of events and conversations. I’ve learned that if it doesn’t make me feel happy and free then it is not true and I can release it to Spirit for healing. I can ask for a greater awareness of truth and it will be revealed to me. I can be liberated from my own pain caused by my own perspective.

It was during that time of focus on release of attachments, and valuing the truth that I shifted into the healing practices that became my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp and my life began change for the better – and it’s continued to this day.

My whole orientation changed and I began to achieve lasting success and the healing took hold in my heart and mind. I no longer have any days where I feel like I’m sliding back. That feeling is gone and I am forever grateful!

Where are you valuing that which isn’t actually true, and it’s just your interpretation? Are you willing to give up your story to experience a greater awareness of God’s glory in your life? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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