September 10, 2018

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Yesterday I was sharing a simple bio of myself for a project I’m going to participate in where people won’t know me. In a few short sentences, I’d like to be able to communicate what’s most important for someone to know about me.

The #1 thing I’d wish for people to know about me is that I’m on a path of awakening and enlightenment. I am not seeking enlightenment, I’m finding it. They might seem arrogant to some, but to me it’s actually arrogance to think that I’m not. I clearly am.

There wasn’t room to write much in this bio, but I also wished to share that I’ve learned that true Joy comes from forgetting who I thought I was and learning what I really am, while being of service to the Light.

And probably the next most important thing to me is that I’ve truly learned the liberating power of forgiveness and I’ve dedicated myself to helping others to find their way to fully forgive for their Freedom.

I live as a spiritual activist and activator. It’s my very nature.

Those are the most important things.

Next, I think I’d like to say that I’ve learned how to be compassionate most of the time. I’ve learned that I’d rather be loving than be right, most of the time. I’ve learned that true humility is knowing that no one is better than me and no one is less than me because we’re all one, inseparable. The beauty is in the oneness. The wholeness is in the oneness.

When I travel, as I often do, people are frequently asking me where I’m from. I usually tell them where I just came from. They may ask me how long I lived there. That’s when I tell them that I don’t live there, I just came from there. For instance, if you asked me today where I came from, I’d say Knoxville, TN. If you asked me how long I lived there, I’d say “2 nights and one day.”

People often then ask me where my home is.
I tell them I don’t have a home.
Then they ask me where I’m based.
I say that I’m not based anywhere.
They ask me where my stuff is. I tell them I have stuff in several places.
Then I ask them, why do you want to know where my stuff is?

I get it. People are trying to find a reference point to relate to me. I get it.

I’d just prefer to relate to people on a higher level of connection then where my things are, and how long I’ve lived in a place. Those aren’t wrong or bad, they’re just not as interesting as what our aspirations are, and what we’ve learned about life that’s worth sharing.

Again, I live as a spiritual activist and activator. It’s my very nature.

Where I was born, where I’ve lived, what school I went to, those things are less interesting to me than what I know about prayer and how I learned it.

I used to hate this life, and now I love it. That’s much more important than where my stuff is.

Next time you’d like to find common ground with someone, see if you can think outside the box of human history in relating and find a spiritual connection.

Let’s have fun and start new conversations! Let me know what ideas you have! Let’s learn from each other – please share in the comments below!

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