Dishwasher Miracle

September 11, 2018
Dishwasher Miracle

Yes, please! Miracles are when I change my mind and think with Spirit.

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I’ve learned to be on the lookout for opportunities to recognize that life loves me, and God is loving me through everything in my experience, so let me stay OPEN to it! Yes, please!

Miracles are when I change my mind and think with Spirit. Things often demonstrate in form in ways that are really cool and often surprising and definitely an affirmation of God’s infinite goodness operating in our lives. I endeavor to be in tune with it always.

So, here’s my dishwasher miracle:

At our family home on Deer Isle, Maine, the dishwasher malfunctioned and seemed to need a repair. I called Glen, our dishwasher, appliance guy, who came out to the house (an hour drive each way in these remote parts) and took a look. He diagnosed that the part was busted and he ordered a replacement part. A couple of days and we’d have it.

Turns out. They don’t have the part anymore, you can’t get it. This dishwasher is 12 years old. Time for a new one.

However, I had the thought to use the mighty power of God’s goodness in the form of googling for the replacement part. I just had this feeling that somehow, there was a part and I could find it. Which, in it’s way, is a crazy thought because looking for parts isn’t my thing.

Machinery isn’t my bailiwick. I’m “such a girl” that way. When I think of fixing machines, I think of other people fixing them while I make coffee and tell them what a good job they’re doing.

I thought my brother would be searching the internet for the part. He’s definitely that hunter kind of guy, but nope, he was ready to buy the new dishwasher.

Something told me to search online and I’d find it. It took a bit of effort, not much, and a VERY long chat with the parts guy at Kenmore. Finally, it did seem as though I’d found a replacement part – not the actual part, but some kind of substitute. Eureka!

Now, I’m having this live online chat while simultaneously talking to Glen’s sales person about buying a new dishwasher from them. Turns out it’s going to be $1200 all in. Suddenly, I’m feeling the repair is the best way to go for us, at least for now. It saves about $1000.

I felt I had to check with Glen, my repair guy, because it did seem that he would have found this part if it were to be found. He knows his stuff. I couldn’t reach him, and I’m STILL on this live chat with the guy at Kenmore, when Glen texts me. He’s in my neighborhood, (Amazing!) can he come over and chat with me about it.

Glen arrives, we realize why his Kenmore guy didn’t know about the substitute. We order it. Glen will have it and fix it on Thursday. Bam!

Now, here’s the miracle – I followed my intuition, EVEN THOUGH I had a hesitation. Miracles happen at the level of the mind and THEN demonstrate in form.

I hesitated to follow the guidance I got, because I am not a machinery person. I don’t like tracking things down on the internet. I thought it would be hard. And, I had SO much to do yesterday, I really didn’t want to put time into doing something like hunting down parts on the internet, but I was leaving in this morning, so I had to get it sorted out yesterday. We have renters coming on Friday.

Another miracle was that I almost ordered the part, but something told me “don’t do it.” It turned out, it would have been the wrong part. Glen helped me realize that when he came over – my hero! – and another miracle was that he was literally 2 minutes away when I was at crunch time. Everything aligned for these wonderful and miraculous cosmic alignments.

PLUS, Glen said I don’t need to get the 4 year parts and labor warranty for $199 when I do buy a new dishwasher because it just won’t be needed. That’s not when these machines breakdown. What a good guy.

I had resistance to following my intuition, but I could just FEEL that it was a mistake to do it any other way. I’ve learned that listening to my intuition is so helpful and I sometimes have resistance. I used to have A LOT of resistance and reluctance, but now I know that there’s a healing in feeling the resistance and there’s a miracle in not letting that feeling drive my experience. The resistance is not my decider, Spirit is.

What I’ve learned: Following my intuition saves time, energy and $$$. Following my intuition is only possible when I’m looking for the loving choice. Loving choices always bring benefit and make room for miracles!

Do you have miraculous experiences like these? Please let me know in the comments section below!

Let’s have fun and start new conversations! Let me know what ideas you have! Let’s learn from each other – please share in the comments below!

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