Forgiveness & Miracles

September 13, 2018
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Forgiveness & Miracles

We’re choosing liberation!

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I’ve been teaching forgiveness for 18 years and I cannot even count the number of times I’ve seen extraordinary miracles come as a result of someone FINALLY being willing to forgive.

A Course in Miracles tells us that a miracle is when we let go of the ego thought system and align with Love. That’s what brings the miracle experience in our lives – the change of thought.

Forgiveness is a change in our thinking. It’s letting go of that ego thought of attack and separation. Forgiveness is aligning with Love. Forgiveness brings miracles on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, etheric and even the basic circumstances of our lives.
The challenge for most people is getting to actual forgiveness, because just saying “I forgive” doesn’t mean much at all.

Some people aren’t willing to drop their attack thoughts. They feel they need them to protect themselves, but the truth is that their attack thoughts are attacking themselves. I’m an expert because I did it myself – for YEARS! And, I paid the price for it.
I’ve had many, many conversations with people who have told me that they said “I forgive them,” a hundred times, but they are still haunted, troubled and tortured by the past. And it’s even harder for people to forgive themselves …

… or so we think.

Fortunately, it’s not true.

I’ve asked many ACIM teachers “how do you help people to forgive?”

The response I frequently get is, “I tell them they have to let it go.”

If I walked into a room full of people who were spiritual students and asked them, “how many of you know how to let something go,” only a few would raise their hands. And they would likely just be pretending – (unless you’ve been in class with me, because then you definitely know.)

It’s not that getting over it is so hard, it’s just that we often cling to our wounds because we’re identified with being wounded. We often don’t actually want to get over it.

I had to ask myself: “Who will I be if I’m not wounded anymore?”

What would I do with all that energy I was pouring into holding onto the grievances and complaints?

The answer for me was, be helpful to others, live a happy life, stop repeating the same errors, feel inspired, and have fun!

People recognize that if they were to forgive and feel free then they’d have no good excuse for standing in their power and shining their light in this world.

A lot of people don’t forgive because they fear they’d be expected to rise to their divinity, share their gifts and talents and move into whole new levels of prosperity.

Prosperity is SO MUCH more than just financial abundance.

Prosperity is being in the flow of Love.

It’s getting a good night’s sleep and having a healthy digestive system.

It’s having harmonious relationships.

It’s standing in your power as a representative of the divine.

People don’t feel worthy and so they play small and they hold onto the resentments, regrets, guilt, blame and shame as a way of delaying being fully awake in this world.

I can see in my own life and in the lives of those who are doing this work of truly forgiving and truly letting the past go, they are seeing themselves rise and shine. They are stepping into their magnificence. They’re becoming unstoppable. They’re living more and more without fear. They’re having a whole lot more love in their lives. They’re moving out of resistance, reluctance and isolation.

One of the reasons that I share HOW to forgive in such a practical, understandable way is that it takes the mystery out of it so people keep doing it.

What I’ve learned is that people, left to their own devices, feel inadequate to dig deep and do this forgiveness work.

And so we delay, we resist.

We let our happiness be in the future.

Happiness in the future doesn’t exist.

And that’s why I offer my Forgive & Be Free Retreat. So far, I’ve been doing it once per year. What I see is that the people who come and do the work are much more likely to change their lives and start experiencing miraculous healing.

Of course, it’s much easier to do this forgiveness work as a group.

It’s just like this:

Who wants to go into a scary dark, abandoned building with a flashlight by themselves? No one!

BUT, would YOU be willing to go into that scary, dark abandoned building with a flashlight and with 20 friends who have bright lights, delicious food, laughter and a sense of humor – in order to live a miraculous life and not be afraid of the dark anymore?

Together we can balance the deep emotional clearing with a lot of laughter, pampering and fun. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish in just a few days – with people who have waited many years, and even decades for the “right moment.”

We must make the decision to choose our healing and to choose our liberation. In ACIM, we’re told again and again that we are the ones who must decide. We are the ones who make the choice. We don’t have to figure out HOW to have a healing, but we do have to choose to release the resistance and reluctance.

Miracles naturally flow from forgiveness.

Unforgiveness blocks our miraculous life.

Last year, Carolyn Khomyak came to my Forgive & Be Free Retreat feeling very intensely upset. Since then, her life, her work, her relationships have shifted tremendously. I’ve seen her miracles unfold. Here’s what she wrote to me a few weeks after she returned home:

“What a Retreat! I was living in such with such deep hurt and was not sure if I would be able to move past it. I lived there for about almost a year. When I left your retreat I felt catapulted into a feeling of lightness like I had moved on. I went home with an open heart. The other things that I learned I carry with me through my days and I continue to evolve. I want to thank you so much for the beautiful work that you do!

My intention was to rise to my higher power and transcend my hurts fully and become the strongest most beautiful version of my spirit for the benefit of my happiness and my ability as a woman to share this love, strength and forgiveness as a ripple effect to my family. Thank you for this experience that led me here and for the tools that continue to support my intention!” 

~ Carolyn

I’ve witnessed Carolyn’s willingness increase dramatically and the transformation in her heart, her mind and her life. It’s been beautiful to be a part of.

Forgiveness brings miracles, it’s liberating, it’s life-changing.

We have so much more to do with outlives then hold onto the upsets from the past.

Now’s the time!
Only you know if this is the right time for you to join with me and the others on my October Forgive & Be Free Retreat. Trust your inner guide.

Knowing how healing it is to do this work in October, before the holidays and before all the old holiday and end-of-the-year triggers start coming, before the family events, the memories of loss and betrayal, the dark days of the year – I offer this forgiveness opportunity in October and I’m inviting YOU to come join me. Payment plans are available!

When we do the forgiveness together it’s so much more fun, it’s easier and we get it DONE!

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