September 14, 2018

In the midst of the storm, I focus on Peace & Harmony.

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website builders As the hurricane Florence is landing here in the U.S., my thoughts are with all the millions of people who will be affected. My prayers are with those who are frightened and who have lost power and whose property is even now being ravaged. God bless them.

I bless all those who provide service and care to those who have and been and will be touched by the storm.

For me, the storm, and all storms, are an expression of our collective thought and belief. The floods, the fires, the wind and rain, is all an outward manifestation of our own collective inner turmoil.

As we all know, our thoughts and beliefs become manifest in one form or another. Form is thought in the mental body, emotion in the emotional body, physical experience in the physical body, and it’s also the relationships, situations and circumstances of our life.

This is why self-forgiveness is the #1 tool we have to transform EVERYTHING.

There is much hidden guilt, shame and self-condemnation for the millions of unloving and unkind thoughts that we have perpetuated lifetime after lifetime.

I’m certain that our own self-forgiveness is the way out of every single challenge that we have, and it also changes the weather.

And this is why I focus on self-forgiveness in my life, my work and in everything – it’s so powerful and transformative. I truly believe it is the only way out of our difficulties. (Join me at my Forgive & Be Free Retreat next month.)

I witness that the storms last September and this September have significantly reduced as they hit they approached landfall. I understand that this is because of the effect the land has on the storm, but I also feel that everyone’s prayers and outpouring Love and compassion really do help reduce the storm alleviate the suffering caused by it.

One thing is not to dwell on the negative anticipation of the storm, and the negative effects of the storm. Our minds are so powerful, let us not dwell on that which we do not wish to see and experience. This way we can be truly helpful!

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