September 7, 2018

Strong intention is accessing the power of the one mind!

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website builders I’ve heard people poo poo intention as a thing of any real value. They seemed to be convinced that intention wasn’t worthwhile. I have to say, the more I experience life on planet earth, the more I am convinced of the value of intention.

So often when people I talk with are not having the experience they’d like and I ask them what their intention is, they don’t have one or they have an intention that’s limiting and therefore generating their experience of limitation.

If you’d like to have a powerful, loving, intimate, nurturing relationship, intend it. Hold a strong intention to experience it. You do not need to have even 1 clue how it could ever occur, intend it. Hoping that things will improve is not very helpful. It’s better than being in despair, but it’s a far cry from a strong intention.

If you’d like to experience deeply fulfilling work, that’s creative and pays well, and that you enjoy and can use to bring benefit to all beings, intend it. Fully hold the intention that this is what you are doing and it’s happening now. Hoping things will change is not intentional.

If you’d like to experience healing in your physical body, please hold the intention to experience God’s grace and goodness vibrating through every cell, fiber and function, ever muscle and synapse, ever aspect of your being now and forever. That’s a strong intention. Hoping to feel better is not.

We are one with GOD, almighty Power and Presence, made in the image and likeness of, endowed with full access to the one mind. Let’s stop pretending that we’re lost in time and space. We are at the very center of God’s infinite goodness and we have an opportunity to express magnificence each moment. Let’s access that!

Let’s stand with strong intention to re-present our creator with Joy and share the benefits with all beings.

What is your intention?
Please let me know in the comments and I’ll hold it with you!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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