Mystical Revelations

September 25, 2018
Mystical Revelations

Let's open our minds to mystical insight and live in that Light!

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Today, I’m having Jon Mundy as a guest on my radio show, and we’ll be talking about his book on Mysticism & Miracles. Jon’s currently teaching a class on the topic, and this is a favorite topic of mine.

I love studying the great mystical writers. Their words are so directly inspiring, because they often feel like the very word OF God, rather than someone just writing about Spirit. I aspire to that, myself, in my writing, and there’s no question that many times I feel I’m that pure vessel, and the words inspire me as I write them.

Rumi and Hafiz are two Sufi poets from Persia who have inspired me to a heavenly vibration. I adore Christian D. Larson, the great Christian mystic. Vincent Van Gogh was a mystic both in his writing and painting.

When I experience the work of the mystics, I feel in tune with the Infinite myself, and there’s a rush of inspiration. The mystical writers inspire me to go to Source myself for more inspiration.

What was said to the Rose

What was said to the rose that made it open
was said to me here in my chest.

What was told to the cypress that made it strong
and straight, what was whispered to the jasmine

so it is what it is, whatever made sugarcane
sweet; whatever was said to the inhabitants

of the town of Chigil in Turkestan that makes
them so handsome, whatever lets the pomegranate

flower blush like a human face, that is being
said to me now. I blush. Whatever put eloquence

in language, that’s happening here. The great
warehouse doors open; I fill with gratitude,

chewing a piece of sugarcane, in love with
the one to whom every ‘that’ belongs!

by Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Translated by Coleman Barks
Rumi, The Book of Love – Poems of Ecstasy and Longing

Rumi, like Hafiz, drips words like the most sublime and sacred honey onto a page with seeming effortlessness. Much as Mozart heard the music fully written and wrote it down, it does seem as though Rumi simply took Divine Dictation, but we don’t know. Whatever his process, the words are miracles of clear spiritual expression. Thank you, Rumi!

Thank you for the very thought of “What was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my chest.” Thank you!

If you’d like to know more about the great mystics, and see these Divine Expressions reflected in A Course in Miracles, consider joining Jon Mundy’s class. You can learn more about this in my radio show today! (See below)

10 days until my retreats!
In my retreats, people have consistently experienced healing of relationships that were believed beyond repair. I’ve witnessed healing of chronic physical and emotional issues because of the deep healing work we do together.

If you’d like to really let go of the past, consider joining with me and other like-minded souls to have fun doing it together. I’m offering my Forgive & Be Free Retreat and my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive in October. You’re invited to our healing party!

I’ve only been doing these retreats once per year. It’s a small group. We go deep. Now’s the time to rise and shine. Let us be the fulcrum point of healing in our family and in our workplace. We have all that we need within us – let’s do it this year, and set ourselves up for the holidays and for our new year. It’s not too early to get the healing ball rolling!

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