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Painful Challenges - Jennifer Hadley

Painful Challenges

September 9, 2018
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Painful Challenges

I did it! I triumphed over the pain and had a breakthrough!

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I’m writing this on Saturday night. I was genuinely concerned this morning, as I set out for my day, that this would be a day with a lot of pain and perhaps it would be discouraging in some way. Maybe there could even be a bit of humiliation.

That’s why, this morning, as I was preparing for my day, I made up my mind that whatever came, it would be for my highest good and I would feel stronger and better for it.

You see, I’m writing to you from Knoxville, Tennessee where I was at an all day kundalini yoga intensive that’s part of my kundalini yoga teacher training requirement. Yes, I’m studying to be a kundalini yoga teacher, although I really have no intention to be teaching classes beyond what I offer on my retreats.

I’d heard that the training I was attending today would be very, very challenging. Friends who had done this intensive day didn’t really even wish to tell me about it, they just encouraged me to “trust in the process.” They told me “you can do it.”

I wasn’t THAT concerned until I got those text messages last night and this morning. It never occurred to me that I couldn’t do it until I got the message “you can do it.” Yikes!

So, yes, today was challenging.
At times, yes, it was painful.

We were holding postures for 31 minutes.
We did one exercise for 62 minutes straight.
Yes, it was intense.

I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to take a break, and as long as I wasn’t concerned about injury, I’d just keep going through any pain or strain.

I know that all healing is at the level of the mind, and that’s where the breakthroughs and miracles happen too.

I support people in breakthroughs all the time. Today it was my turn.

When it got intense, and I felt like stopping for even a minute, I relaxed my mind, and my body, while maintaining the exercise.

I called up on the angels to help us all – and to help all beings who were challenged in the moment.

I invoked the Violet Flame of Transformation over and over again.

And it WAS miraculous.
The pain dissolved.
I stayed strong.
Not only that, but I was doing all of these exercises with a partner, and I was able to hold her up mentally so that she could accomplish them too.

Honestly, it was amazing.
I was so grateful that it was SO MUCH easier than I ever thought it would be.

During the last 31 minute exercise, we were also singing the song Every Heartbeat over and over. Part of the lyric for this love song is:

In me, with every beat of my heart, I feel the presence of You.
And in me, with every breath You impart, I’m in the rhythm with You.
In me, from the sounds that I hear, I play the music of You.
Within me, through Your words You are here, so I sing the glory of You.

At one point, I started to cry because I felt so aligned with the author of the song, Snatam Kaur and her Love of God. So beautiful. So precious.

Click below to hear the song at youtube.


What my experience today affirmed for me is the power of intention. When we hold an intention strongly then it’s placed in the mind of God and there’s no opposition unless we entertain opposition.

Today, I made up my mind to travel through the challenges with the full support of the invisible field of Ascended Masters and Angels. I said YES to meeting the challenge and rising above it. I felt lifted and carried. The pain left me as I called upon the angels. The concerns left me as I worked with the Violet Flame.

So much more is possible for us.
We must rise above the ego’s thinking.
Enough already. It’s time for us to live our destiny.

I’m making a kundalini yoga class video to share with you and invite you to consider adding it to your spiritual practice.

I feel so strongly that now is the time for us to really go for it, to pull out all the stops, and to be in shape mentally, physically, spiritually, in preparation for our awakening. This awakening is thrilling. It’s easier than I ever thought and it’s a huge relief.

I love Kundalini yoga because it is a spiritual practice for awakening the mind and liberating the Spirit from the traps of the ego. It’s so much more than an exercise program and I’d like to share it with you.

One of the teachers watching the room full of people who had traveled from all over for this day of intense effort said to me and my partner after the most challenging part, “that was amazing! You were amazing!”

I said that I was amazed to, as I hadn’t been exercising that much in the last month or two. And she said, it was the strength of your nervous system, not physical strength. I do know that my spiritual practice and my yoga practice has greatly strengthened my nervous system and that supports the undoing of the ego attachments in a very profound way. This I would like to share with those who are interested. Stay tuned.

There’s a whole lot of healing going on and I invite you to follow your intuition wherever it leads you. Spirit may not always make sense at first, but having trust and faith we find our way to MUCH higher ground and then we can extend a hand to others and we’re all living on higher ground! Yes!

If you’re interested in learning more about kundalini yoga, please place a comment below and let me know!

Are you ready to do some deep healing? Come join me on my Forgive & Be Free Retreat next month!

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