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Peace IS the Way - Jennifer Hadley

Peace IS the Way

September 12, 2018
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Peace IS the Way

I am allowing the Peace of God to rule my life today!

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There are so many things in this world that are happening right now that are intense. Very intense. I’m thinking of the folks who are anticipating the hurricane, Florence. I’m thinking of the people who are very concerned about the election, and the U.S. Supreme Court. I’m thinking about the people who are concerned with personal issues for their family and themselves.

It’s a time where many things are challenging. And, there is a current of healing and transformation under all of it.

Frequently, I speak with people who are very concerned about all manner of things. People who are frightened and worried and feeling overwhelmed. It can be their personal health or it can be the political news.

This is one of the reasons why I write every day and pray every day. I pray many times a day and I’ve learned to trust prayer.

I pray that the truth be revealed and that Love prevails.
I pray that Love be revealed and truth prevail.

I place my faith in that prayer to bring the healing for all of us.

Even with a hurricane, truth and Love lift us up above the dangers of the storm.

Native Americans believe that the winds, and storms are a manifestation of our own inner turmoil. The antidote to the increasing floods, fires, storms and earthquakes is in our mind.

Let us not think that we can be angry at the customer service rep for the bank who seems to make it impossible for us to resolve the issue and that it doesn’t effect everything in this world. It does.

The butterfly effect is real.

To support all beings having a peaceful life, we must choose Peace.

There is no way TO Peace, Peace IS the way.

We don’t have to find the way to Peace. Spirit will carry us there if we’re willing.

If you were being held up at gun point, and terrified of being shot and killed, the antidote might be to see the attacker place the weapon on the ground.

We can do that in our own mind.
Give the Higher Holy Spirit Self the weapon, the attack thoughts and let Spirit neutralize the cause of your upset. It can be done if you ALLOW it.

This is the key!

Our attack thoughts are the weapons we can lay on the altar for healing. In the comments section below, please place a comment – what are you laying on the altar today? Let’s hold it in Love and prayer together!

Allow the healing.
Invoke the Spirit.
Call the angels for back up!

God has a plan to lift us all in Love, let’s allow it today.

Let’s walk in Peace today. Peace is the way we walk in God.

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